Now through January 15th, 2014

Give your loved ones the gift of an empowering new year.

Experience Rekindled passion for your life and work

Deepen your sense of purpose and direction

We are offering an extended, 2 hour, “Ignite Your Life” exploratory coaching session, just for the holiday season!

Each session is two hours of coaching. By phone, Skype, or in person (Burlington or Montpelier, VT).

Plus, buy one session and get a second session free to give away to a friend!

Normally  a $400 value! 


$50 for 2 “Ignite Your Life” exploratory coaching sessions:


Through the holidays and new year I’m expanding my “Ignite your life” sessions to two hours for only $50. AND… Since it’s the gifting season, for every session you buy I’m offering an additional certificate for a free session you can use yourself or give away. Help your loved ones blossom into the new year with the power of an ignited and clarified life.

“Integral Coaching with Daniel Little was a soulful, rich and deeply connecting experience. Daniel is gifted in his ability to understand, articulate and reflect back a wide variety of perspectives. I experienced him as beautifully agile and spacious in his thinking and relating, able to step back and see the big picture and dive deep to compassionately and intelligently accompany me in my deeply felt emotions. As a coach, he is strong, grounded and present. Additionally, the method of Integral Coaching is rigorous, complex and powerful, far superior to other coaching methods.

Milagros Paredes


Here’s a more detailed description of these special sessions:

In your “Ignite Your Life” session we will look at, and discover together, what you are most passionate about working towards in your life, whether in career, love or personal practice. In this session, we will clarify the direction you wish to move towards in your life, and unleash the inspiration and creativity required to get there.

You will come away from this session with new insight for your life’s journey and a rekindled passion to explore the untapped potentials of your own life. You will also have a chance to ask me any questions you have, as well get to know me and my unique approach to Integral Coaching, a cutting edge, proven set of tools which will help you move forward in your life.


You’ll come away from this session with:

  • Deeper insight into who you are.

  • Greater understanding of the areas of your life and how you are relating to them.

  • Rekindled passion for your life and work

  • Clarified sense of purpose and direction

  • Concrete actions you can take to ignite your life

  • Feeling supported in your journey

  • A report from our “Life Leadership Assessment” showing strengths and suggestions in four key areas of life capacity.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Click the PayPal link to purchase sessions.
  2. Once you purchase the session, I’ll be in touch by email to get the names and emails of the people you’d like to gift the sessions to.
  3. Give the sessions away and have your loved ones get in touch to set up a time with me for the session.I
  4. ’ll send out a reminder email to anyone who hasn’t contacted me to redeem the session by Feb 1st.
  5. You can redeem these sessions until March 1st, 2014. Limit of one session per individual. (but you can buy as many as you want to give away!)

$50 for 2 “Ignite Your Life” exploratory coaching sessions:

577520130507daniellittleEach session will include:

  • an initial 10-15 min chat by phone to set up the longer session and get a sense of each other and what your topic is.

  • Online access to the Life Leadership Assessment tool, for further insight and ideas about your capacities in four key arenas of life.

  • The 2 hour “Ignite Your Life” session with me, either in person, by phone, or internet video chat (Skype or Google Hangouts).


“My time with Daniel gave me clear insight into how I sabotage my own creativity. He has a gift for bringing one face to face with one’s own issues in a way that is non-judgmental and encouraging. I always felt motivated when I left. Daniel ingeniously came ups with images and metaphors that encapsulated the different ways in which I move, and gave me concrete methods that enable me to direct my attention to manifest my short and long term goals. I would say with assurance, that I have been given the tools I need to move forward.

Craig Parian



730720130128daniellittleAbout Daniel

With more than two and a half decades of study and experience in the vagaries of human development, and over 15 years owning and managing a mission based business, Daniel challenges his clients to achieve remarkable transformations in their lives and work. Daniel has a BA in Transpersonal Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in Integral theory, and is Certified as an Integral Master Coach.™

“What lights me up about this work is knowing that I’m helping make the world a more sane, happy, and healthy place by supporting those who also are working for the betterment of our planet. Not only do my clients benefit directly, but I get to see all the amazing things they do to make a difference for the lives they touch as well.”

$50 for 2 “Ignite Your Life” exploratory coaching sessions: