Our History

The concept for Round Sky Solutions Cooperative emerged from passionate conversations around how to facilitate greater health and resilience in individuals and organizations at this key point in our human evolution. Round Sky Solutions was founded as a worker owned cooperative in January 2012 using the power of Collab to launch and grow the democratic business model and organizational structure for this training, coaching and consulting organization.

In its first year, Round Sky Solutions launched leadership coaching and Collab Certification Trainings (cooperative management and leadership) along with publishing its first book shaping our reputation in Vermont as a cutting edge organization committed to serving mission-driven organizations and individuals both locally and internationally. Several exciting opportunities to present our research and praxis to international audiences enabled us to build key partnerships and grow awareness and interest in our work.

Currently, Round Sky Solutions continues its service to leaders and mission-driven organizations through the online Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP), coaching, and customized trainings both locally in Vermont and remotely. We’re excited to offer highly interactive online offerings to our unique services for leaders across the globe. We believe that mission-driven enterprises (cooperatives, credit unions, mission-driven businesses, democratic teams, non-profits) are inherently more effective but may lack the tools to fully unleash the power of collaboration in their teams. By developing and teaching simple, learnable tools that support healthy leadership growth, implement collaborative organizational process, and enable effective leadership from all members of an organization, we are activating the socially responsible sector of our economy. In doing so, Round Sky Solutions supports the generation of greater health, sustainability and innovation for our world.

Our Vision

Round Sky Solutions is a dynamic organization comprised of compassionate and powerful people that has influenced our region to become sustainable, fair and self-organized, catalyzing a more generative world.

Our Mission

Round Sky Solutions delivers the capacity to rapidly metabolize complexity into effective action for mission-driven organizations and individuals through trainings and individualized coaching.

Our Values:

  • Integrative Thinking:  We hold integrative thinking as important because it enables us to use opposing models to reveal solutions which are ‘both-and’, rather than ‘either-or’. Building this capacity in leadership and encouraging it in organizational culture unlocks individual and collective ingenuity.
  • Generative Organization: We hold generative organization as important because it enables us to build healthy organizations at the leading edge of their industries characterized by high individual well-being, vibrant cultures, and robust relationships.
  • Quadruple Bottom-line: We hold a quadruple bottom line as important because it enables us to promote a sophisticated view of what characterizes successful organizations. We support an integrated framework of vibrant resilience which includes Environmental Stewardship, Economic Value, Social Responsibility, and Cultural Vitality in our assessment of organizational well-being.
  • Human and Ecological Resilience: We hold human and ecological resilience as important because it enables us to prioritize the health of our social and environmental contexts which underpins all business models.
  • Self-directed Learning: We hold self-directed learning as important because it enables innovation, resilience, and sustainability. When an organization can direct its own learning, it acquires the agility to transform challenges and complexity into powerful drivers for much greater success and creativity.

Cooperative Principles:

As a worker cooperative, our work is guided under the seven cooperative principles:

    1. 1. Voluntary and Open Membership
    1. 2. Democratic Member Control
    1. 3. Member Economic Participation
    1. 4. Autonomy and Independence
    1. 5. Education, Training and Information
    1. 6. Co-operation among Co-operatives
    1. 7. Concern for Community