An Introduction to Collab

All organizations have communication operating systems. Organizational operating systems are the ways by which we make decisions, create priorities, and are accountable to each other. The trouble is that our operating systems are often implicit, or not consciously leveraged to consistently get productive solutions for ourselves, our relationships, and our organizations. These organizational operating systems can also be fractured, used partially or inconsistently, leaving some people in the dark when it comes to key conversations, decision making, and determining the balance of individual and shared leadership.
Collab - a leadership training and toolkit

Collab is the communication operating system we’ve researched and developed in response to the problems that often arise without a clear system built on participatory values. It is synthesized from the best work in organizational and individual development to deliver collaborative power in action.

Collab takes the highly complex, and often conflicted territory of how we get work done together, embeds the leadership values of shared power, and condenses your already existing communication systems into a simple, comprehensive map that will help you and your organizations increase shared leadership, effectiveness efficiency, and joy.

Enjoy this presentation about Collab!

Collab can teach you to:

  • Solve complex problems with ease
  • Steer your stagnant conversations into innovative problem-solving
  • Build collaborative structures that maintain integrity under stress
  • Skillfully facilitate even the most difficult conversations
  • Derive meaning and productivity from all of your meetings
  • Prioritize your values as you build tasks and projects
  • Keep your decision making process collaborative, effective, and satisfying
  • Integrate all perspectives and personalities in your organization

Collab provides you with:

  • A streamlined set of instructions for all key organizational conversations from purpose and business model to governance and interpersonal conflict.
  • A set of templates for information tracking system
  • A map of how power flows in an organization

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Collab Instructional & Card Set E-Book Instant Download

The Collab Instructional/Manual and Card Set offers tools and templates to implement an effective collaborative process for any organization. We designed Collab to build up the effectiveness and efficiency of collaborative teams. It is easy to use and meets you where you are at in your leadership and organization towards an effective collaborative process.

This includes the electronic version of 52 meeting practice cards, a step by step implementation guide, and access to assessments and a tracking system. Click the product to the right to purchase this ebook!

Collab Meeting Practice Cards

A book for mission-driven individuals and organizations committed to creating a better world. It is a powerful training manual for a set of communication practices, Collab, that collaboratively metabolize organizational challenges into productive solutions for all kinds of organizations, delivering a more effective organization capable of realizing its goals quickly.

This includes 52 full color meeting practice cards, a step by step implementation guide, and access to assessments and a tracking system. (Also available at a lower price in black and white!)

Put Collab in Action

Let us help you implement Collab into your life and work for effective collaborative leadership.
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