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Organizations We’ve Served

We’ve worked with worker-owned cooperatives, start-ups, non-profits, collectives, intentional communities, and businesses with hundreds of leaders working together. Here are a few of them!

Here’s what leaders from mission-driven organizations are experiencing after working with us:

“You trained staff to be able to facilitate our staff meetings, know whose role was what, see if folks had followed through and if not, be able to immediately surface that tension. Issues have a clear path to some kind of solution.” -Chloe Budnick

“Working with Round Sky helped our small company be more effective than it ever has been. Our individual roles are clear to ourselves and to each other and our communication succinct. I don’t doubt that the effects of this training will be long-lasting.” Lydia Littwin

“You have helped us to listen to each other with greater intent and clarity. To develop a courses of action that are productive. I am more likely to hold other’s paradigms by using this process.” -Heather Kralik

“Round Sky has an innovative and refreshing approach to organization accountability and efficiency that empowers all members at all levels of to contribute the organization and take ownership of their jobs.” -Irvin Eisenberg

“When we hired Round Sky, our business was at a pivotal point of growth – and we were feeling growing pains. With their training, we resolved a lot of issues, clarified our roles with one another, and now have a constructive place to bring our concerns to be discussed in a supportive and helpful way that will not only help us – but the overall company as well.” -Beth Robinson

Listen to the leaders’ experiences working with us!

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