These training and learning opportunities have been designed from decades of experience, research, reflection, and trial and error!

Collaboration can become quite challenging and complex; and yet, we believe collaboration is the answer to the most complex issues facing our world and communities.

As a cooperative leader, we believe you will benefit from clear ways and processes for your team’s communication, management, self-organizing, and leadership to collectively live out cooperative values of transparency, democracy, solidarity, and self-help.

If you’re not intentional about your tools and processes (designed for participation), you’re at risk of perpetuating potentially harmful patterns in your team leading to resentment, lack of clarity, exclusivity, and uncomfortable power dynamics.

We believe that processes and structures are an important part of the picture for creating healthy work and team spaces full of joy, creativity, and flow.

If you are looking for new ways to . . .

  • Solve complex problems with ease with your team instead of for your team
  • Create an accountable self-organized team that is dependent on one person
  • Transform conflict into creativity, and
  • Make effective inclusive decisions rapidly in democratic leadership

. . . so that you can spend more time on the real work that you set out to do in the first place…

Enroll in one of our upcoming courses to build capacity and effectiveness as a leader!

Our courses will give you the skills to efficiently bring in multiple voices and perspectives into your work and to give you intentional tools to make collaboration and self-organization a flow in your team.

These courses offer you tangible resources and tools to lead a cooperative team that is accountable, clear, and efficient.