Collaborative Leadership Certification Program

Cooperative Leadership Certification Programs

Learn how to develop an efficient & inclusive organization with the tools you need to create flow, cooperation, & purposeful productivity. Level I Certification is open for enrollment NOW for a deepened learning of key and transformative democratic management practices. You’ll get to understand the whys and hows of effective cooperative leadership including how accountability is deeply tied to how you run your meetings. This is a remote, supported learning program that can all be done from the comfort of your home.

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Collaborative Leadership Certification Program

Cooperative Workshops

Attend one of our workshops on those complex democratic and management leadership challenges. Workshops are designed to provide tools, understandings, and community building opportunities for leaders in the cooperative community. Education and training is key to maintaining aligned, intentional, and innovative teams. Engage in our next workshop!

Workshop requests welcome! Send us a note on what kind of support you’d like in an upcoming workshop.

You are a leader in a a cooperative with a mission to make a better world.

You have a vision. You are determined to create change. You dream of working together with your team in joy and harmony . . .
But sometimes, complexity and communication problems can make it difficult to make progress.

Are you looking for new ways to . . .

  • Solve complex problems with ease
  • Create an accountable self-organized team
  • Transform conflict into creativity, and
  • Make effective decisions rapidly in democratic leadership

. . . so that you can spend more time on the real work that you set out to do in the first place?

Enroll in one of our upcoming courses (see above) to build capacity and effectiveness as a leader.

Our courses will give you the skills to efficiently bring in multiple voices and perspectives into your work. We offer you tangible resources and tools to lead a cooperative team that is accountable, clear and efficient.