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Some highlights of the training are:

  • Democratic Management Tools
  • Increased Leadership Capacity
  • Real Solutions to Harmful Dynamics
  • Beyond Delegation to Ownership
  • Better Manage the Never Ending Tasks

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3 Collective Decision-Making Pitfalls to Avoid

 Decision making is such an important part of our teams and of life. We make decisions all the time! Some of us take these actions quickly, snapping our fingers and heading off in the direction of our choosing. Others take longer to deliberate, examining every factor like a precious gem.What is your decision-making style when you have a big opportunity ahead? Do you trust your gut? Do you do a lot of research?How does your team make decisions? Do you tend to defer to...

7 Solutions for Accountability in Cooperation

Accountability. It's a topic that comes up over and over again in our cooperatives, non-profits, organizing spaces, and even relationships. So, how do we support each other with clarity, care, and movement toward accountability? Well, often, you can integrate processes, patterns, and morale that support you and your team members to be more accountable to each other. We've designed the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP) to integrate micro...

10 Keys to Collaborative Leadership In Action

 Erica Buswell is the VP of Programs at Maine Farmland Trust and she is one of our most recent graduates of the Collaborative Leadership Certification Program. Maine Farmland Trust is a member-powered statewide organization that protects farmland, supports farmers, and advances the future of farming. Erica does food systems work because she knows that good things happen when people come together around food.In her completion of the program, she shared some...

Level I Collaborative Leadership Program

You value the power of the collective. You strive to align your teams, to design a people-centered and agile strategy, and use shared leadership to reach your team’s potential success. You believe so strongly in the vision of your team, but you still feel stuck in the process, conflict, or never-ending task list. Good intentions fail to truly deliver the results you crave. What does it take to expand your leader capacity to get the success that you want and need? To be...

What Does Kayaking Have to Do with Collaborative Leadership?

It also clarified my belief that when we commit to a process and incorporate our values into that, we will successfully survive upstream currents and spiders together (i.e. those hard meetings) and our work (and personal) relationships have the potential to get a little bit deeper and stronger. And that’s why I’m investing in my leadership through the Level I Collaborative Leadership Program.

“Learning to use Collab tools has dramatically increased my level of confidence in addressing complex situations in my organization and with our clients and partners. Where before I had vague intuitions and far more desire than knowledge about democratic processes, now I can competently assess trouble spots, suggest processes that address people’s needs for participation as well as structure, and use these processes myself to make concrete progress.”

Noemi Giszpenc, Level I Graduate 2017
Executive Director, Cooperative Development Institute

“it’s been really liberating, professionally, to recognize that tensions are a natural part of teams; that they really just stem from the human experience of being in community.”

Erica Buswell, Level I Graduate 2018
VP of Programs, Maine Farmland Trust

“It was definitely a great learning experience that I’ve enjoyed. Lots of great tools that are beneficial to my work and organisation.”

Omar Senhaji, Level I Graduate 2018
National Specialist, Co-operators General Insurance Company

“It was so good to find a real tool to support teams to be more open, fast, and transparent. The training really engaged me!”

Cristina Vela, Level I Graduate 2018
Business Consultant, NextYou

“Collab has been transformational! Not only am I more conscious now of the implicit power dynamics in my teams and organizations, but I have the tools to make them explicit and to help transform them. Collab has filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge and practice of collaborative leadership and has immediately resulted in tangible positive outcomes for me and my teams.”

Kristen Del Simone, Level I Graduate 2018

“The Collab course (Level I) has really broaden my horizon in the space of organizational management for effectiveness and efficiency. I have begun implementing the Standard Meeting Practice with my team, and every one seems to have found the “Aha” moment in their professional journey.”

Francis Ghunney, Level I Graduate 2018

“My participation in Level I happened just at the right time and with the right people. The content made both the way I organise myself and my relationship to others more harmonious. I am a facilitator in soft skills, dialogue, co-creation and collaborative leadership and Level I has helped me make the content of what I deliver even more integrated and relevant.”

Atikah Lorot, Level I Graduate 2018

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