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  • Real progress in your personal development

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I am Wind

  Over the next few months, I will share philosophical and practical insights on facilitation and coaching, perhaps tips for being a super collaborator and of course my journey through Round Sky Solutions’ Level 1 Certification. For now though, I would like to set the scene and introduce my primary client and probably the longest lasting (and therefore the one I know best): me.   Who am I? A daunting question and an exploratory process that is often at the...
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Level I Collaborative Leadership Program

You value the power of the collective. You strive to align your teams, to design a people-centered and agile strategy, and use shared leadership to reach your team’s potential success. You believe so strongly in the vision of your team, but you still feel stuck in the process, conflict, or never-ending task list. Good intentions fail to truly deliver the results you crave. What does it take to expand your leader capacity to get the success that you want and need? To be...
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Collaborative Leadership Webinar Series

Join us for our free Collaborative Leadership Webinar Series! Our webinars range from navigating founders syndrome in your team, to facilitating great meetings, and untangling power in your team! Register for the next one!
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Tips and Tactics for Navigating Founder’s Syndrome: What to do when working with charismatic leaders

Hi, my name is Cecile and I’m a founder, I’ve worked for founders, and I train others in how to transition out of “founder’s syndrome.” Personally, I’ve founded more than one organization in my life and have participated in other startups where I was not the founder, but worked directly with the founders. I’ve seen founders, myself included, provide an invaluable service in birthing an organization and I’ve seen the very same people undermine the success of the...
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Meet the Team

Cecile Green

Cecile Green


Cecile Green is a visionary, entrepreneur, experiential philosopher, and farmer with a passion for assisting mission driven organizations achieve their visions. As an integral scholar practitioner and life long learner, she holds a B.S. in Community Supported Agricultural Systems and has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurial environments. She has participated in nearly a dozen organizational launches and built from the ground up four successful businesses. Read more...

Daniel Little

Daniel Little


Daniel is fiercely committed to supporting socially responsible leaders achieve success without losing the deeply held values that inspired them to make the world a better place through their work. If you are looking for a dedicated ally for your growth who can guide you with great strength and compassion to address challenges you may have faced for years, like being more effective with the limited time you have, managing change in a kaleidoscopic marketplace, or dealing skillfully with difficult relationships, then you’re in the right place. Read more...

Charlotte Root

Charlotte Root

Collab Trainer

Charlotte is a dynamic, thoughtful, energetic person, who likes to spend her time helping others and making the world a more holistically supportive place. She earned a B. Arch. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and has pursued her love of the outdoors through gardening, farming, and the ski industry, and her talent for design and organization as a business owner. She continues to study nutrition and wellness, and can usually be found in the dirt, on a mountain trail with her pup, or out enjoying the beauty of Vermont and its people.

Rebecca Fisher-McGinty

Rebecca Fisher-McGinty

Communications Wizard

Rebecca jumped on board in 2016 as our Communications Wizard to manifest her values and vision of economic change and justice. She envisions a world where people can live up to their potential, community is valued and invested in, and power is embodied with love. She has a B.S. in Environmental Policy from UC Berkeley and experience working in community and environmental organizations responding to climate change and injustices. She is currently rooted in New Orleans where she is a community organizer for racial and social justice. In her spare time, you can find her dancing, building, or coloring.

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