Collaborative Leadership Certification Program

Level I: Transformative Facilitator Skills

Mission-Driven Leaders! Are you seeking real transformation in your life to manage all of the complexity?

Become the strong collaborative leader you need to be to align your team, to tap into your brilliance as a leader, and to skillfully facilitate your team towards success. Access the tools and build the skills to expand your capacity to handle anything life throws at you.

You value the power of the collective.

You strive to align your teams, to design a people-centered and agile strategy, and use shared leadership to reach your team’s potential success.

You believe so strongly in the vision of your team, but you still feel stuck in the process, conflict, or never-ending task list. Good intentions fail to truly deliver the results you crave.

What does it take to expand your leader capacity to get the success that you want and need?

To be a strong collaborative leader, you must have a deep understanding of how to meet people where they are and bring your team together. You must practice presence and active listening, develop your problem solving skills, and understand that when one member of the team has a problem, the team has a problem. You need an effective structure.

We designed the Collaborative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP) trainings just for you!

We are proud to announce that Level I is now open for enrollment.

Level I is designed to meet you where you are (with coaching sessions), to build your leadership capabilities through practice (and feedback), and to deepen your grasp of your own group’s dynamics.

You will receive a plethora of essential and unique tools to implement shared/participatory leadership and management practices within your team starting now!

Join us to truly tap into your potential as a strong and grounded leader that can hold the growing complexity of these times.

Register here to be placed in the next invaluable level I co-hort.

Our Collaborative Leadership Certification Program is grounded in our unique and new collaborative operating system, Collab™.

We’ve spent years researching the problems and potentials associated with organizational communication and collaborative leadership. We used what we learned to develop a set of shared leadership practices that we call Collab™. Collab™ is, in our opinion, the best system out there to provide individual growth and accountability within a system that supports the movement of the whole organization.

In our trainings, you’ll learn to use your leadership to bring flow, harmony, ease, and continual improvement to your team. You will expand your leadership capacity through communication and business skills, personal development, and conflict management. In this program, you’ll be both learning the intricacies of Collab ™ and weaving in your existing knowledge and skills to tap into brilliant leadership potential that you hold!

Benefits you won’t want to miss:

  • Being able to piece together all you’ve learned about healthy, powerful leadership and see real and sustained progress in your personal development
  • Engaging your values within all aspects of your life and work commitments
  • Leverage how you share power in your team for social change
  • Become THE instrument to strengthen and align your team
  • Find the balance of collective decision-making and ALSO leading your team to success!
  • Harness the power of distributed, agile governance to make sustainable (and crucial) changes you didn’t think were possible
  • The effective process that guides you to use the energy of the collective to make innovative decisions
  • More productive meetings with clear outcomes and much less wasted time
  • Workable and effective accountability for yourself and your team.
collaborative leadership training

Collab is a holistic approach to personal and group development that harnesses creative tension through well structured practice. It celebrates and leverages different ways of knowing and embraces embodiment as a tool of self-awareness. This course challenges participants to enter their “stretch zone” and ask the big questions that have the power to transform.

Mike Crowley

What’s Included:

  • You’ll receive individual coached facilitation practice to get the necessary feedback to grow your shared leadership skills
  • You’ll receive practical templates and rich training in how to build responsive, dynamic collaborative teams, with individual autonomy, shared accountability, and task and project tracking systems.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to participate in bi-weekly live training calls with Round Sky coaches to get support with your collaborative leadership facilitation and the implementation of these practical tools in your team.
  • Certification as a Collab Level 1: Facilitator to work as a professional and guide yourself and your teams (upon completion of the program)
  • You’ll have connection and learning within a community of mission-driven change-makers like you through
    • A small, specially designed co-hort to deepen your learning and engagement of collaborative practices
    • Access to our online Community of Practice forums where you can discuss your team’s current challenges and receive feedback from Round Sky coaches and other Level I Collab™ enrollees and peers.

SO, What’s next?!

  • FIRST, register today HERE.
  • Then, we set up your payment plan. Some Vermont Residents will be eligible for funding through a VSAC Grant and others may apply for a scholarship. Make a note in your registration if you’d like information on scholarships and we’ll direct you to that process.
  • After we have settled the details, we will place you in your Level I co-hort and set up your learning plan with a certified and supportive trainer!
  • We have designed the Level I program for 5 intensive months. However, the course will be delivered virtually and is flexible so you can learn at your own pace.

How much does this life-changing leadership program cost?

Level I is designed to be a 5 month intensive program with bi-monthly calls and critical feedback for your leadership.  With everything included, the cost of the Level I Training to become a certified Facilitator is $2500. This includes all learning materials, one on one coaching sessions, coordination, and the training itself. Monthly payment plans are available.

**Financial Aid and Scholarships Available!!

Our intention is to make this course accessible to everyone.
If you need support financially, please indicate this as you apply for the course. We’ll do our best to make it work! If you are a Vermont resident, you may be eligible for a VSAC non-degree grant. See more here.
We also have financial aid available if needed.

Cecile and Daniel have equipped myself and my business with an effective system for addressing the needs of any business or organization. Organizational conversations now happen significantly more efficiently, and in ways that are safe, well-held, and invite the participation of all involved. I have had many experiences of dysfunctional organizations having circular conversations. The decades of experience synthesized into Collab give me tools to short-circuit those loops and move a group towards high-functionality, collective alignment, and success. Kevin Aderer

Collaborative Leadership Certification Program Level I
5 Intensive Modules for Skilled Facilitative Leaders

Module 1: Grounding in the Why and What of Collaborative Leadership

  • A deeper introduction to Collaborative Leadership and how it’s used in teams.
  • Effective processes for knowing WHAT you and your team need in ANY situation and HOW to get there.
  • Tools and skills for facilitating productive and inclusive meetings for shared and self-organized teams, including LOTS of saved time!
  • Leverage how you share power in your team for social change to get more ALIGNED energy and engagement from all team team members

Module 2: Crafting the Workable Collaborative Accountability Systems

  • Learn how to utilize openness and transparency to build team trust and cohesion
  • Integrate a project to upgrade or implement your own task tracking system for accountability
  • Set up and understand the importance of collective task tracking for true accountability across your team
  • An understanding of, ability, and tools to explicitly define your many roles in order to harness the power of distributed, agile governance Tools to become visibly on track and deliver on your and your team’s goals

Module 3: Understanding Skilled and Inclusive Facilitation

  • Build facilitation skills like managing difficult people and communicating with clarity
  • Understand collaborative tools to integrate multiple perspectives while providing a forum for feedback and affirmations
  • Gain confidence to facilitate a participatory process to get clear, process-driven results
  • Ability to harness conflict and crisis (including negative emotions) into positive movement for your team

Module 4: Practicing and Refining your Skills

  • Focus on live practice facilitating and integrating the shared tracking systems
  • Hone in on skills to facilitate fun and productive meetings
  • Practice ways to manage unhealthy power dynamics in the moment
  • Learn why, how and what to track for collaborative impact

Module 5: Integrating, Completing, and Moving Forward

  • Integrate new and old skills with a clear plan
  • Understand how to track your progress and set up processes of affirmations and feedback for your collaborative leadership

Meet the Instructors:

Cecile Green

Cecile Green is a visionary, entrepreneur, experiential philosopher, and farmer with a passion for assisting mission driven organizations achieve their visions. As an integral scholar practitioner and life long learner, she holds a B.S. in Community Supported Agricultural Systems and has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurial environments. She has participated in nearly a dozen organizational launches and built from the ground up four successful businesses.

Charlotte Root
Collab™ Trainer

Charlotte is a dynamic, thoughtful, energetic person, who likes to spend her time helping others and making the world a more holistically supportive place. She earned a B. Arch. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and has pursued her love of the outdoors through gardening, farming, and the ski industry, and her talent for design and organization as a business owner. She continues to study nutrition and wellness, and can usually be found in the dirt, on a mountain trail with her pup, or out enjoying the beauty of Vermont and its people.

Daniel Little

Daniel is fiercely committed to supporting socially responsible leaders achieve success without losing the deeply held values that inspired them to make the world a better place through their work. If you are looking for a dedicated ally for your growth who can guide you with great strength and compassion to address challenges you may have faced for years, like being more effective with the limited time you have, managing change in a kaleidoscopic marketplace, or dealing skillfully with difficult relationships, then you’re in the right place.

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