Collaborative Leadership Certification Program

Level I: Facilitative Leadership Skills


Become the skilled collaborative leader you need to be to bring your team together, to facilitate your team towards success, and to tap into your brilliance as a leader. Access the tools and build the skills to expand your capacity to handle anything life throws at you.

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You value the power of the collective and the importance of horizontal leadership and self organization.

You strive to nurture a culture of accountability in your teams, to design a people-centered and agile strategy, and to be a firm leader (that’s not dominating) to reach your team’s true potential.

You believe so strongly in the vision of your team, but you still feel stuck in the process, conflict, or never-ending task list. Time and again you see good intentions fail to truly deliver the results you desire.

What does it take to get the success that you and your team want and need without being a traditional manager?

To be a effective collaborative leader, you must have a deep understanding of how to meet people where they are, what your team members need to do their best work, and how to bring your team together so that you can take your accountability practices beyond delegation. You must figure out how to even the workload and prioritize to prevent burnout, confusion, and resentment.

You’ll need both concrete tools and the somewhat abstract skills of leading a team to build up your team(s) and to facilitate efficient collective decision-making and conflict resolution. In this day, when one member of the team has a problem, more often than not, the whole team has a problem.

We designed the Collaborative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP) trainings for just this type of embodied, integrative, and intentional leadership!

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Level I is designed to meet you where you are, to integrate what you’ve learned about leadership and new understandings into your habits, to hone in on your accountability practices, your personal development practices and to hone in on somatic awareness as a key leadership tool.

You will receive a plethora of researched and proven tools to integrate into your life right away.

Join us to tap into your potential as an effective and grounded leader that can hold the growing complexity of these times.

Our Collaborative Leadership Certification Program is grounded in our unique and new collaborative operating system, Collab.

We’ve spent years researching the problems and potentials associated with organizational communication and collaborative leadership. We used what we learned to develop a set of shared leadership practices that we call Collab. Collab is, in our opinion, the best system out there to provide individual growth and accountability within a system that supports the movement of the whole organization.

In our training, you’ll learn to use your leadership to bring flow, harmony, ease, and continual improvement to your team. You will expand your leadership capacity through communication and business skills, personal development, and conflict management. In this program, you’ll be both learning the intricacies of Collab and weaving in your existing knowledge and skills to tap into brilliant leadership potential that you hold!

Benefits you won’t want to miss:

  • Leverage your existing leadership knowledge and development into a comprehensive approach to participatory management
  • Unlock the power of your values within all aspects of your life and work commitments
  • Increase how you share power in your team for social change
  • Become THE instrument to strengthen and align your team
  • Access powerful efficient collective decision making that gets everyone on the same page
  • Use the power of distributed, agile governance to make sustainable (and crucial) changes you’d given up on trying to make
  • The effective process that guides you to use the energy of the collective to make innovative decisions
  • More productive meetings with clear outcomes and much less wasted time
  • Workable and effective accountability that doesn’t just rely on one person or create work imbalances

Why is Collaborative Leadership Important to Our Students? Hear from them!

Learning to use Collab tools has dramatically increased my level of confidence in addressing complex situations in my organization and with our clients and partners. Where before I had vague intuitions and far more desire than knowledge about democratic processes, now I can competently assess trouble spots, suggest processes that address people’s needs for participation as well as structure, and use these processes myself to make concrete progress. The Level 1 training, in particular, helped me to focus on my own work practices and development as a leader, deepening my effectiveness and my conceptual grasp of how and why Collab works. Also, it’s sharpened my commitment to leadership development for myself, my coworkers, and our clients. We can all be better leaders, and it’s not a mystery how that can happen!

Noemi Giszpenc, Level I Graduate 2017

Executive Director, Cooperative Development Institute

What’s Included:

  • You’ll receive facilitation practice to get the necessary feedback to grow your shared leadership skills
  • You’ll receive practical templates and rich training in how to build responsive, dynamic collaborative teams, with individual authority, shared accountability, and task and project tracking systems.
  • You’ll have connection and learning within a community of mission-driven change-makers like you through
    • A small, especially designed co-hort to deepen your learning and engagement of collaborative practices
    • Access to our online Community of Practice forums where you can discuss your team’s current challenges and receive feedback from Round Sky coaches and other Level I Collab enrollees and peers.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to participate in bi-weekly live training calls with Round Sky coaches to get support with your collaborative leadership facilitation and the implementation of these practical tools in your team.
  • Certification as a Collab Level 1: Facilitator to work as a professional and guide yourself and your teams (upon completion of the program)

What our past and current students are saying:

I found this training incredibly inspiring, mind expanding, practical, and life changing. The scale of what this system can do, and its capacity to reshape and upgrade how we work together cannot be overstated. Cecile, Daniel, and Amanda brought tremendous integrity, warmth, humor, creativity and groundedness to our entire journey. The training felt dynamic and engaging – mixing up technical aspects with movement and body centered activities, which helped us digest the vast scope of the material and make it our own. I really enjoyed this training and highly recommend it!

Jamie Kearney, Level I Graduate 2015

Certified Massage Therapist, Holistic Bodywork and Integral Coaching

To me, learning the Collab system and process has been like waking up one morning and from being a squirmy fish flopping around in the shallows, finding that I now have a set of feet, and can see a path open up, step by step, all the way to as far as I can see. The path may be difficult and hard, but I’ve got the ability to move forward and make progress!

Noemi Giszpenc, Level I Graduate 2017

Executive Director, Cooperative Development Institute

Cecile and Daniel have equipped myself and my business with an effective system for addressing the needs of any business or organization. Organizational conversations now happen significantly more efficiently, and in ways that are safe, well-held, and invite the participation of all involved. I have had many experiences of dysfunctional organizations having circular conversations. The decades of experience synthesized into Collab give me tools to short-circuit those loops and move a group towards high-functionality, collective alignment, and success.

Kevin Aderer, Level I Graduate 2015

Field Staff, Wolf Tree Programs

My time with Round Sky and the Collab model has completely changed the way I move and work in the world. It is so comprehensive in it’s attention to detail as well as the big picture, in understanding how business works well and efficiently as well as understanding the psychology of whole human development. It masterfully holds the paradox of being alive as it lays out the map for how to easefully navigate that complexity. The potency of their work has grand implications for making the changes necessary to confront the plethora of oppressions part of the world we live in.

Amanda Franz, Level I & II Graduate 2015

Somatic Movement Educator and Embodiment Activist

Collab is a holistic approach to personal and group development that harnesses creative tension through well structured practice. It celebrates and leverages different ways of knowing and embraces embodiment as a tool of self-awareness. This course challenges participants to enter their “stretch zone” and ask the big questions that have the power to transform.

Mike Crowley, Level I Graduate 2015

President, Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Collab gave me some useful tools and frameworks to apply to both my personal and professional development practice as well as to my organization. These tools and their teachings translate some very common sense concepts into clear, usable ways of making positive change in ourselves and our organizations.

Emily Shipman, Level I Graduate 2015

Executive Director, KidsGardening

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The Level I Collab Facilitator Training consists of 10 sessions delivered through video meetings, our online course platform, and personal study projects. The Level I curriculum is designed to gradually build upon each session. In each session there will be time given to troubleshoot real problems/scenarios, to connect with each other in the cohort, and to ask questions.

Session 1: Course Orientation & Theory of Collab

  • Obtain the orientation to the course, instructors, assignments, and your cohort
  • Get an overview of the theory that informs Collab’s processes for self-organized, collaborative, “teal”, and cooperative management systems
    • The Power Matrix
    • The Seven Conversations: Introduction to the 7 conversations that every team must have to stay on track in all aspects
    • The Pillars and Principles of Collab

Session 2: Integrating Life Changing Facilitation

  • Get a step by step introduction to facilitating the Standard Meeting Practice: Effective processes for knowing WHAT you and your team need in ANY situation and HOW to get there
  • Learn tools and skills for facilitating productive and inclusive meetings for shared and self-organized teams, including LOTS of saved time!
  • Build your facilitation skills such as how to manage difficult people, obtain accountability collaboratively and communicate with clarity
  • Increase your ability to harness conflict and crisis (including negative emotions) into positive movement for your team
  • Hone in on skills to facilitate fun and productive meetings\Obtain a practice you can reliably use to continuously improve your facilitation

Session 3: Understanding the Importance of Effective Self-management in a Self-organizing Team

  • See the role of personal development in leading and managing
  • Gain somatic awareness for skilled and grounded facilitation, including the better use of conflict in your team
  • Learn a tangible and easily integrated approach to task and project tracking
  • Integrate a project to upgrade or implement your own task tracking system that’s strong and intentional to visibly track your work and priorities in alignment with your team

Session 4: Gaining Clarity and Alignment through Efficient Collaborative Decision-Making

  • Understand a collaborative decision-making tool to integrate different perspectives
  • Gain confidence to facilitate a participatory process to get clear, process-driven results
  • Access tools and processes to explicitly define your many roles in order to use the power of distributed, agile governance
  • Learn how to unravel the dynamic of “when everyone is accountable, no one is accountable”

Session 5: Mapping your Team (organization, collective, or family) through Clarifying Who’s Doing What

  • Leverage how you share power in your team for social change to get more ALIGNED energy and engagement from all team members
  • Understand the purpose and use of core management roles and team based roles
  • Envision and put what you’ve learned into practice with real world work and teams in your life
  • Understand how to confer autonomy and get accountability
  • Create the foundation for collaborative accountability that transforms traditional forms of oppression that make it difficult to hold people accountable in participatory environments

Session 6: Crafting a Workable Collaborative Accountability System: Understand what accountability means and identify who we are accountable to

  • Understand what accountability means and identify who we are accountable to
  • Set up collective task tracking for crafting that culture of accountability across your team
  • Get tools to become visibly on track and deliver on your goals
  • Integrate the capacity for collaboratively following up on tasks not accomplished
  • Learn how to work with people in your team who, despite their good intentions, have not followed through with what they said they would do
  • Learn why, how and what to track for collaborative impact

Session 7: Implementation tools and techniques Part I: Embodying the change

  • Learn how to introduce these tools to your potentially hesitant teams
  • Gain guerilla tactics for collaboration
  • Identifying opportunities for intervention

Session 8: Implementation tools and techniques Part II: Practical Solutions to Different Situations

  • Unpack different implementation scenarios to troubleshoot how to put these practices into place
  • Get facilitation tips and tricks
  • Review the course concepts and practices

Session 9: Practicing and Refining your Collaborative Leadership Skills

  • Get an overview of how to facilitate the other conversations
  • Practice and refine your facilitation skills as ways of managing unhealthy power dynamics in the moment
  • Identify the need for purpose, business model, strategy, interpersonal and personal development conversations
  • Prepare for the certification exam

Session 10: Integrating, Completing, and Moving Forward

  • Prepare for the certification exam
  • Review the certification test and training objectives
  • Demonstrate the integration of your new capacities
  • Create a clear plan of action for moving forward for yourself and your team
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    • Step 2: Interview with a member of our team to determine if this is the right program for you.
    • Step 3: Determine your financial needs and plans.
      • We have payment plans and financial support options. And, some Vermont residents will be eligible for funding through a VSAC Grant.
    • Step 4: Cohort Placement.
      • After we have settled the details, we will place you in a small cohort of your peers and an instructor who will be your partners through this transformative learning journey.
      • This cohort model provides space for group learning of communication practices, acts as a sounding board, and facilitates crucial feedback for practicing your leadership skills.
    • Step 5: The Journey
      • Your cohort will spend 10 weeks completing the 10 learning sessions we have planned to take your collaborative leadership to the next level.
      • The course will be delivered virtually and is flexible so you can learn at your own pace.

  • When you are admitted to our Level I training program, you’ll be placed in a small cohort of your peers and an instructor who will be your partners through this transformative learning journey. This cohort model provides space for group learning of communication practices, acts as a sounding board, and facilitates crucial feedback for practicing your leadership skills.

    Your cohort will spend 10 weeks completing the 10 learning sessions we have planned to take your collaborative leadership to the next level. Step up now to join your cohort!!

Click here to find out: How much does this life-changing leadership program cost?

Level I is designed to be a 10 week intensive program with weekly sessions and critical feedback for your leadership.  With everything included, the cost of the Level I Training to become a certified Facilitator is $2500. This includes all learning materials, the 10 sessions, coordination, individualized feedback, and the training itself. Monthly payment plans are available.

**Financial Aid and Scholarships Available!!

Our intention is to make this course accessible to everyone.
If you need support financially, please indicate this as you apply for the course. We’ll do our best to make it work! If you are a Vermont resident, you may be eligible for a VSAC non-degree grant. See more here.
We also have financial aid available if needed.

Meet the Instructors:

Cecile Green

Cecile Green is a visionary, entrepreneur, experiential philosopher, and farmer with a passion for assisting mission driven organizations achieve their visions. As an integral scholar practitioner and life long learner, she holds a B.S. in Community Supported Agricultural Systems and has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurial environments. She has participated in nearly a dozen organizational launches and built from the ground up four successful businesses.

Charlotte Root
Collab™ Trainer

Charlotte is a dynamic, thoughtful, energetic person, who likes to spend her time helping others and making the world a more holistically supportive place. She earned a B. Arch. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and has pursued her love of the outdoors through gardening, farming, and the ski industry, and her talent for design and organization as a business owner. She continues to study nutrition and wellness, and can usually be found in the dirt, on a mountain trail with her pup, or out enjoying the beauty of Vermont and its people.

Daniel Little

Daniel is fiercely committed to supporting socially responsible leaders achieve success without losing the deeply held values that inspired them to make the world a better place through their work. If you are looking for a dedicated ally for your growth who can guide you with great strength and compassion to address challenges you may have faced for years, like being more effective with the limited time you have, managing change in a kaleidoscopic marketplace, or dealing skillfully with difficult relationships, then you’re in the right place.

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