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Assess Your Facilitation & Leadership Skills for Healthy Stronger Cooperation

Our most “powerful” leaders in 2018 have been problematic and disappointing. With many examples of damaging leadership and the immediate consequences… we need to reflect and embody healthy leadership. And, as the year ends, this is the perfect time to look back. You’re invited to this FREE webinar to explore how to make healthy shifts in your leadership (consistently and intentionally growing is key) and a guided exercise to reflect and assess your collaborative leadership skills and facilitation this past year.

Knowing how to live into your strengths and capacities can make a difference in your life, your work, and your contribution to the world. Do just that with us in the webinar! Explore these concrete tools to use over and over again in your personal development.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A new understanding about why you just can’t seem to kick the patterns that aren’t serving you
  • Much fodder for new year’s intentions AND a plan
  • Community to lean on
  • An exercise to continuously evaluate and focus in on your personal development
  • Tactics to stay grounded amongst the inevitable overwhelm
5 Tips to Untangle Destructive Power Dynamics in Your Team

Even the most collaborative teams can experience the corrosive effects of destructive power dynamics. In this webinar, you will gain an understanding of different forms of power, how it affects every facet of work life, and most importantly what you can concretely do every day to practice and leverage generative power, yielding organizations that are more successful and inclusive while delivering on their missions. Sign up on the sidebar to watch this webinar!

4 Tips on How to Create a Culture of Accountability in Your Team

Getting workable accountability (for ourselves) and our teams can be really challenging, especially in this day and age with so many competing and complex demands. Is the work load in your team uneven? Are there really important details being dropped? Are you unsure who is doing what on your team? Accountability is a dynamic process that we have to work at over and over again. And, it’s key to a healthy workplace culture. Sign up on the sidebar to watch this webinar to learn how to create a culture of accountability with these 4 tips.

Facilitating Collaborative Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning. The big two words. Our democratic teams must do this in a special way. In today’s world, we need to be able to review and shift our strategic plans nimbly.

Make it the year of strategy and direct your energy to what really needs attention. In the frenzy of the information age, you’re likely pulled in so many directions, which can make it easy to lose the importance of your priorities.

In this webinar, we walk you through a collaborative strategic planning method that you can explore with your team to keep you aligned to your goals and visions.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A new understanding of strategic planning in collaborative teams
  • How to know when you’ve completed your strategic planning
  • Fun interactive ways to get alignment
Tips and Tactics Navigating Founder’s Syndrome: What to do when working with charismatic leaders

In this webinar, Cecile Green starts by looking at a workable definition of “founder’s syndrome” including some of it’s key symptoms. Then, we dig into specific tips and tactics for navigating founder’s syndrome from the perspective first of those of us who work with founders in one way or another, followed by some thoughts from the perspective of being a founder. For more information, read our blog on founder’s syndrome here. Sign up on the sidebar to watch this webinar!

Feedback Practices & Strategies for Collaborative Teams

In this FREE webinar, we discussed feedback practices in collaborative teams. As cooperatives and collaborative shift to self-managing teams, it can be difficult to figure out how people give each other feedback (positive and negative) on the team and how to do it in a way that builds up leadership. It’s essential that we’re able to both receive and give feedback to our peers for our collaborative workplace to be functional and growing, and to do this on a regular basis — not only when someone holds back a project. Sign up on the sidebar to watch this webinar!

4 Hacks for Engaging Collaborative Meetings

When you have a organization full of inspiring leaders, tools that hack your meetings into flows and effective outcomes is essential and opens up the space for you to be your full self (and your team!). Sign up on the sidebar to watch this webinar to learn 4 simple HACKS to conduct engaging and efficient collaboratively-led meetings!

“Wow, it’s Hot in Here!”: Managing Conflict in your Self-Organizing Team

Conflict is inevitable. Conflict also has the potential to be transformative for you and your team. Harness that intense energy into your team’s collective direction for a stronger, clearer and more effective team. In this pre-recorded webinar, you will gain an understanding of why conflict happens in your team, access tools for facilitating conflict in your organization’s meetings, understand a structural framework to dig into some ways to manage hot situations for yourself, and learn how to utilize the energy of conflict into action!  Sign up on the sidebar to watch this webinar!

Thank you introducing us to the Collab Living Agenda process. These documents are now being used by nearly every jam organizing team around the world, and it’s made that organizing so much better!

Shilpa Jain


The depth of this program really allowed us to unearth quick solutions to many different types of work problems. It’s a pretty amazing set of tools!

Karen Taylor Mitchell

Governor’s Institute of Vermont