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Part 2: Overcoming Founder’s Syndrome in Collaborative Teams

*Part 2 for coaches, business and cooperative developers and consultants, and those wanting a zoom out approach to addressing founder’s syndrome in a team. 

April 5th at 1:30pm ET Register here!

For mission-driven leaders, smooth collaboration between founders or founding members and their teams can be a lingering challenge. Conflicts or resistance can even happen between team members that have been in an organization for a while and the newer members. These conflicts can lead to increased turnover rate, staff silos or cliques, isolated founders (or founding members), and a lack of accountability. Getting past the common challenges that teams so often experience, enables teams to work better together while building stronger and more effective teams, leading to happy, successful, and fulfilled staff and more easily actualized missions.

In this webinar, Cecile Green and Alex Stone (from Cooperation Works) will examine the common issues that teams and founders or founding, long-standing members face from a zoomed out perspective. Then, we’ll dig into how to assess and take action on specific practices for supporting an organization or team with their founder’s syndrome issues.

Register here to be a part of this important conversation on how we work together!

**This series is in partnership with Cooperation Works! Part 1 is for individuals in teams, businesses, non-profits, and coops (held on March 8th and can be accessed by registering for part 2) Part 2 is on April 5th for business and coop developers and consultants.

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4 Tips on How to Create a Culture of Accountability in Your Team

Getting workable accountability (for ourselves) and our teams can be really challenging, especially in this day and age with so many competing and complex demands. Is the work load in your team uneven? Are there really important details being dropped? Are you unsure who is doing what on your team? Accountability is a dynamic process that we have to work at over and over again. And, it’s key to both a healthy workplace culture.

Watch this webinar in partnership with CooperationWorks! to learn how to create a culture of accountability with these 4 tips. Bonus, you’ll be expanding your team’s capacity to get more done and strengthen relationships at the same time.

4 Hacks for Engaging Collaborative Meetings

Meetings can be tricky for all teams, but when well done they facilitate collective alignment and understanding on our work and strategies! Despite how important they may be, how many people actually love meetings?! When you have a organization full of inspiring leaders, tools that hack your meetings into flows and effective outcomes is essential and opens up the space for you to be your full self (and your team!). Watch this webinar to learn 4 simple HACKS to conduct engaging and efficient collaboratively-led meetings!

5 Tips to Untangle Destructive Power Dynamics in Your Team

Even the most collaborative teams can experience the corrosive effects of destructive power dynamics. In this webinar, you will gain an understanding of different forms of power, how it affects every facet of work life, and most importantly what you can concretely do every day to practice and leverage generative power, yielding organizations that are more successful and inclusive while delivering on their missions.

Tips and Tactics Navigating Founder’s Syndrome: What to do when working with charismatic leaders

In this webinar, Cecile Green starts by looking at a workable definition of “founder’s syndrome” including some of it’s key symptoms. Then, we dig into specific tips and tactics for navigating founder’s syndrome from the perspective first of those of us who work with founders in one way or another, followed by some thoughts from the perspective of being a founder. For more information, read the blog Cecile published on founder’s syndrome here.

“Wow, it’s Hot in Here!”: Managing Conflict in your Self-Organizing Team

Conflict is inevitable. Conflict also has the potential to be transformative for you and your team. Harness that intense energy into your team’s collective direction for a stronger, clearer and more effective team. In this pre-recorded webinar, you will gain an understanding of why conflict happens in your team, access tools for facilitating conflict in your organization’s meetings, understand a structural framework to dig into some ways to manage hot situations for yourself, and learn how to utilize the energy of conflict into action!

Why is it Hard to Make Change?!: (A Podcast)

Our colleague Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies interviewed us about our vision for how to make positive change in ourselves and our organizations. You’ll hear about why it’s so hard to make change, how to notice the power dynamics (race, gender, personality) in your work and how to move forward through an organizational standing, how to bring more energy and efficiency to your organization in the process, and tips along the way.

Meet your Hosts:

Cecile Green

Cecile Green


Cecile Green is a visionary, entrepreneur, experiential philosopher, and farmer with a passion for assisting mission driven organizations achieve their visions. As an integral scholar practitioner and life long learner, she holds a B.S. in Community Supported Agricultural Systems and has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurial environments. She has participated in nearly a dozen organizational launches and built from the ground up four successful businesses.
Rebecca Fisher-McGinty

Rebecca Fisher-McGinty

Communications Wizard

Rebecca Fisher-McGinty is the Communications Wizard at Round Sky. She envisions a world (and workplace) where people can live up to their potential, community is valued and invested in, and power is embodied with love. She has a B.S. in Environmental Policy from UC Berkeley and experience working in community and environmental organizations. She is currently rooted in New Orleans where she is a community organizer for racial and social justice.

Thank you introducing us to the Collab Living Agenda process. These documents are now being used by nearly every jam organizing team around the world, and it’s made that organizing so much better!

Shilpa Jain


The depth of this program really allowed us to unearth quick solutions to many different types of work problems. It’s a pretty amazing set of tools!

Karen Taylor Mitchell

Governor’s Institute of Vermont

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