2020. The New Year. The New Decade. 

With the New Year here there is a buzz around —  how do we make lasting shifts, transform, and grow this 2020? At Round Sky, we talk a lot about power flows and patterns. How do we shift those power flows and the patterns that aren’t serving us anymore? How are we getting in our own way from shifting those patterns?

This can be applied to your own personal and professional development —


how are you getting in your own way of your goals and growth?


As you reflect on your New Year’s resolutions and perhaps even your new decade resolutions… consider the subtle and bigger shifts that need to happen to meet those.

We have some visions for 2020 and beyond as well. Our wish to you and your team is NOT to be perfect or “pure” in your facilitation. Perfection is a myth and reaching for it can be quite stifling for our work flows.

Rather, we have a culture and practice for ourselves and our clients that is change-friendly: can we try this out? is this good enough for now? Will this cause harm to simply try for now? If not, let’s try it out and make shifts as we go. This is something we included in our tools and practices — continuously improving and shifting as we go and as the external and internal circumstances change.

As you figure out how are you getting in your way.. You may also want to ask:


How do I set myself up for success?
How do I set my team up for healthy, connected, and strong cooperation?


After the last decade of supporting teams and leaders, we have tried-and-true frameworks for actual change and growth for you as a leader and facilitator in your team. We’ve reflected on a collection of wishes for you and your team and our community as we enter the new year.  

Dive into the 20 wishes in 2020 for Cooperative Leaders here:


1. Our wish is that you and your team members are able to contribute their unique brilliance in your meetings, work, and goals together. Each person has their own style. A lot of innovation and growth can come from integrating those styles.


2. Our wish is that you learn something(s) that deeply expands your understanding, perspective, and self-awareness as a leader.

Be a life-long learner.


3. Our wish for you is to have spaciousness and groundedness in your team. Often, teams operating in a near constant state of emergency or urgency will experience more burnout and turnover.


4. Our wish is that you know how (and have the tools) to shift your direction when overwhelm and burn out happens in yourself or your team.


5. Our wish is that you feel your team making collective progress together toward your goals. When you’re not aligned, it is certainly felt across the team!


6. Our wish is that your team members feel genuinely engaged and invested in the decision-making and growth in your work together.


7. Our wish is for you to be able to visiblize the uncomfortable dynamics happening in your team… visibilize power…

make what’s unspoken, spoken.


8. Our wish is that you acquire the skills, tools, support, and confidence to shift those uncomfortable dynamics.


9. Our wish is that you and your team can collaborate with discipline and care while including your whole selves.


10. Our wish is that you address the inevitable issues and tensions head-on.


11.Our wish is that you problem-solve with BOTH AND thinking rather than limiting yourself with black and white binaries.


12. Our wish is that you build the confidence to adapt as you need to any situation.


13. Our wish is that you get the training and education you need to achieve your 2020 goals.


14. Our wish is that you evaluate your processes and shift the ones that you have grown out of as a team.


15. Our wish is that you can strengthen your democratic governance systems and continuously improve your work flows together for efficiency and to meet your community’s needs.


16.Our wish is that you acquire practices to be agile and responsive to reality, yet still grounded in your visions.


17. Our wish is that you find a community of like-minded leaders to keep you accountable.


18. Our wish is that your leadership style and practices live out your cooperative values.


19. Our wish is that you find happiness, growth, and connection in your team and beyond.


20. Lastly, Our wish is that you prioritize YOU and YOUR leadership capacity this year

(you deserve it).


In order to make big shifts, people often need support in one way or another. Support might look like engaging in a training, investing in a professional coach or consultant, reading a book, crafting a plan, or/and seeking tools and resources.


Tools and practices exist for collaborative leaders to actualize their goals along with their values of cooperation, transparency, humanness, and solidarity.


In 2020, no time needs to be wasted through trial and error. You don’t need to DIY your leadership tools and practices. The mainstream ways of leadership and management don’t really translate to the needs and values of today’s cooperative and collaborative leaders. This is why we’ve spent the time dreaming up solutions and tools to these wishes to serve the needs of leaders like you.


If these wishes resonate with you, it takes intention, tools, and community to achieve real change.  

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