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There is a LOT going on right now with the quickly spreading COVID-19 having real impacts. Many people have been turning to us to get support with their changes to a remote setting. We know that… for many of you, this means you’ll be working from home, facilitating your meetings online, and thinking about how to stay connected to your team despite the distance.

It is hard enough for our cooperative teams to be on the same page in the same office, so how do you do it across the distance?! It’s not only possible, but it is also currently essential. While moving to remote work brings some challenges…

Don’t worry!

We’ve done the research!  We’ve tested the tools and practices that you can use to facilitate democratic AND efficient remote collaboration to your team. You don’t have to waste any time on figuring it out.

In this webinar, you’ll gain 4 tools for energizing and engaging remote collaboration that you can immediately start using in your team to…

  • Facilitate engaging AND remote meetings
  • Strengthen collective alignment
  • Increase accountability across the team
  • Incorporate groundedness and holistic leadership in your remote facilitation
  • AND build community while across the distance.



Remote work in cooperatives can be abundant, innovative, creative, and fun!