Vermont Public Radio

I just wanted to say that adopting the Living Agenda you trained us with has really changed how my team operates. I know others at VPR can say the same, but specifically for my team (the digital team) it has been invaluable. The Living Agenda gives everyone on my team a mechanism to air any issue, tension, question, frustration or idea, and the open voting ensures that the most important topics get the most time. It also helps my team hold me (the director) accountable — I can’t simply ignore issues or questions even if I wanted to (I don’t) because they can keep adding it to the agenda and keep voting it up for discussion.

Anyway, I know how it is to be a consultant, sometimes you don’t know the impact of your work after you leave. I just wanted to let you know this tool had/has an impact, and I’ll probably use a version of it for the rest of my career.

Manager, Vermont Public Radio

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