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“In eleven years as a business owner, I had not found the kind of help I needed to work toward this objective. Some of my primary objectives as a business owner were to share power and to avoid the abuse of power, and I failed at both of these time and again, causing a great deal of suffering for myself, to others and to the capacity of the business to serve us all.

I have hope, and am seeing week after week as we embody Round Sky Solutions’s educational process for our organization’s evolution, that the means as well as the result of this evolution is, (and will continue to be) the dissemination of power and the release of oppression-based fears in the individual team members.

I have found that the process spends about 95% of its time on business protocol, governance, budgeting, etc. But the real work, the other 5%, and the reason Round Sky is more beneficial to us that another party that has helped/advised me with my business, is getting a the heart of the deep, ancient rooted pain of some of my team members and most of all of myself.”

Jaquelyn Rieke

Business Owner, Nutty Steph's

“Collab has been totally revolutionary for us.” And I would further add “It has allowed us to see ourselves so much more clearly, with a system to facilitate communication amongst our organization, and take positive steps forward as a team, with a clear vision of our shared future, for the first time ever.” I would also be pleased to be quoted saying something about how Collab incorporated mindfulness through every part of decision-making, a backlogged project since I came to understand Cecile’s system in early summer. So here goes: “I’m so impressed with the way Collab brings mindfulness into every part of the way an organization relates to its employees and decision-making capabilities. What I have experienced has been a revolutionary ability for us to understand each other and indeed ourselves in a mindful way, so as to create a framework for team-building through every step of running our business.” 

Charlotte Root

Nutty Steph's

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