Deposit for Level I: Collaborative Leadership Certification Program


*This is the deposit for the Level I Program to reserve your spot.

Your purchase of the Level I Collaborative Leadership Program includes:

  • You’ll receive coached facilitation practice to get the necessary feedback to grow your shared leadership skills
  • You’ll receive practical templates and rich training in how to build responsive, dynamic collaborative teams, with individual autonomy, shared accountability, and task and project tracking systems.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to participate in live training calls with Round Sky coaches to get support with your collaborative leadership facilitation and the implementation of these practical tools in your team.
  • Certification as a Collab Level 1: Facilitator to work as a professional and guide yourself and your teams (upon completion of the program)
  • You’ll have connection and learning within a community of mission-driven change-makers like you through
    • A small, specially designed co-hort to deepen your learning and engagement of collaborative practices
    • Access to our online Community of Practice forums where you can discuss your team’s current challenges and receive feedback from Round Sky coaches and other Level I Collab enrollees and peers.

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*This is the deposit for the Level I Program to reserve your spot.

Level I is designed to be a 5 month intensive Collaborative Leadership Certification Program with bi-monthly calls and critical feedback for your leadership. With everything included, the cost of the Level I Training to become a certified Facilitator is $2500. This includes all learning materials, coaching/learning sessions, coordination, and the training itself. Monthly payment plans are available.


Module 1: Grounding in the Why and What of Collaborative Leadership

  • A deeper introduction to Collaborative Leadership and how it’s used in teams.
  • Effective processes for knowing WHAT you and your team need in ANY situation and HOW to get there.
  • Tools and skills for facilitating productive and inclusive meetings for shared and self-organized teams, including LOTS of saved time!
  • Leverage how you share power in your team for social change to get more ALIGNED energy and engagement from all team team members

Module 2: Crafting the Workable Collaborative Accountability Systems

  • Learn how to utilize openness and transparency to build team trust and cohesion
  • Integrate a project to upgrade or implement your own task tracking system for accountability
  • Set up and understand the importance of collective task tracking for true accountability across your team
  • An understanding of, ability, and tools to explicitly define your many roles in order to harness the power of distributed, agile governance Tools to become visibly on track and deliver on your and your team’s goals

Module 3: Understanding Skilled and Inclusive Facilitation

  • Build facilitation skills like managing difficult people and communicating with clarity
  • Understand collaborative tools to integrate multiple perspectives while providing a forum for feedback and affirmations
  • Gain confidence to facilitate a participatory process to get clear, process-driven results
  • Ability to harness conflict and crisis (including negative emotions) into positive movement for your team

Module 4: Practicing and Refining your Skills

  • Focus on live practice facilitating and integrating the shared tracking systems
  • Hone in on skills to facilitate fun and productive meetings
  • Practice ways to manage unhealthy power dynamics in the moment
  • Learn why, how and what to track for collaborative impact

Module 5: Integrating, Completing, and Moving Forward

  • Integrate new and old skills with a clear plan
  • Understand how to track your progress and set up processes of affirmations and feedback for your collaborative leadership