Capacity Creation via Collaboration Consults


A Dynamic Dive into Democratic Leadership and Management

Value-based Leadership| Growth Actualized | 5 Coaching Hours

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As a collaborative leader, there are new ways of managing and leading that support you to live out your values without compromising on making progress.

Enter the next phase with a support system to create opportunities, huge shifts, and capacity to manage the complexity. You and your team will feel shifts: clarity, efficiency, alignment, and inclusion.

Often, our leaders feel they need to DIY their leadership style, but do yourself a favor — don’t reinvent the wheel. Use the tools and frameworks that we’ve spent so much time designing especially for our cooperative and collaborative leaders.

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Capacity Creation via Collaboration Consults:
A Dynamic Dive into Democratic Leadership and Management

Expansion, Value-based Leadership, Collaboration| Growth Actualized | 5 Coaching Hours

During your Collaboration Consults, you’ll connect with a coach and trainer on what’s going on for you in your leadership and facilitation visions. You’ll experience important shifts, feel more grounded, and create the capacity for managing more complexity more easily for whatever is next for you and your team.

These sessions are much more than consultations — they are training sessions, personal development coaching sessions, and dynamic leadership support sessions. Collaboration is complex. We’ve spent the time figuring out how you can create more capacity for yourself and your team through democratic leadership and management.


This 5 hour package of capacity creation for collaborative leaders is for you if…

  • you’re feeling stuck in your leadership or in your team’s dynamics
  • you’re feeling inadequate in your current capacity to effectively steer your team in a direction where it is thriving consistently
  • you’re having trouble managing priorities, feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the workload


These experiences CAN change! Through this 5 hour package, you’ll work with a coach to assess your current situation and leadership, and together you’ll figure out what’s needed to shift.


Together, you’ll co-create a concrete game plan for how to support your growth and shifts as a collaborative leader and potentially tools to implement in your team. And then, as you both see fit, the coach will help you implement that plan!


Through these sessions, you’ll expand your confidence in yourself as a leader and feel more legitimate. You’ll be better equipped to embrace and integrate all perspectives to arrive at collective decisions. You’ll have new tools to understand the group dynamics to know what kind of team-building approach is needed to change any uncomfortable and unhelpful dynamics in your team.


You CAN make huge shifts in just 5 hours with us.


“Learning to use Round Sky’s tools has dramatically increased my level of confidence in addressing complex situations in my organization and with our clients and partners.

Where before I had vague intuitions and far more desire than knowledge about democratic processes, now I can competently assess trouble spots, suggest processes that address people’s needs for participation as well as structure, and use these processes myself to make concrete progress.”

– Noémi Giszpenc, Executive Director of Cooperative Development Institute


What do you get?

  • 5 hours of coaching and training sessions with an experienced trainer
    • Scheduled over a period of time depending on your needs
  • A co-created game plan and expert support implementing it
  • PLUS get the Collab Instructional for free (our e-book priced at $19.99)
  • Immediate access to our archive of webinars and resources
  • A chance to experience openings, insight, and honest feedback as a collaborative leader



Small Print:

  • These sessions are held online via a video chat platform.
    • You may request an in-person meeting given your ability to cover the costs of transportation. Trainers are based in Vermont.
  • This product is non-refundable.
  • New customers only.
  • You must use the entirety of the 5 hour package within 6 months of your purchase. After that you can use the non-discounted amount with us toward 3.25 hours of coaching/consulting within 12 months of your your purchase.


Purchase this package today to create capacity through this unbeatable deal and 5 hour coaching package!