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For a Limited Time! We’re offering Collab 101 on a sliding scale starting at only $10!

Our intention is to make this course accessible to everyone that is seeking facilitation and collaboration tools to support their own work and their teams! The regular price of 101 is $295 calculated to include the cost of learning materials, course maintenance, time for the Live Calls and individualized follow up as needed. Consider what you can afford and join us in Collab 101!

Your purchase of the online course, Collab™ 101 includes:

  • Access to 8 exclusive lessons on collaborative leadership
    • With practical tools in each lesson
  • The opportunity to share your experiences and learning with a community of collaborative leaders in the forums and live training calls
  • The Virtual Collab™ Manual and Card Set

*You’ll have access to all materials and the forums for three months.
**We’ve set a suggested price as about half the cost of Collab 101. Please set the price that works for you by clicking in the box!

Minimum Price: $10.00

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Collab 101 is an online course designed for collaborative leaders who value collective decision-making, strive to resolve conflict while strengthening their team, and understand that clear accountability is key to success. Participants will receive a plethora of essential tools to implement capacity-building practices within their teams. This course will increase your confidence in your ability to facilitate your team’s growth, vision, and conflict resolution.


Lesson 1: An Introduction to Collab and the Course

  • Explore power dynamics and how they show up in your organization through understanding and using the Power Matrix framework
  • Build effective, inclusive, mission-driven, power-sharing organizations and teams through Collab‘s key Seven conversations

Lesson 2: Personal Development: Building your Skills as a Facilitative Leader

  • Gain an understanding of what personal development is and why it’s essential to collaborative work in organizations and teams.
  • Learn several key frameworks and tools for self awareness, understanding and growth that will support you in becoming a more compassionate, creative, and effective team member

Lesson 3: Facilitating Shared Power: Leading the Standard Meeting Practice

  • Learn how to guide your meetings through a democratic process with clarity and action
  • Understand practices to increase engagement and enjoyment in your meetings through Collab’s collective agenda building process
  • Reduce time spent in meetings through our rapid decision-making process
  • Develop your skills to complete meetings with clear next actions

Lesson 4: Recording the Flow of Shared Power: Scribing the Standard Meeting Practice

  • Learn how to record key meeting activities for maximum impact
  • Receive access to tracking and meeting templates for your team to build collective and individual accountability into your meetings
  • Integrate tracking as a participatory leadership practice
  • Utilize openness and transparency to build team trust and cohesion

Lesson 5: Sharing Power through Effective Decision-Making, Integrative Consent

  • Gain an understanding of various decision-making processes
  • Receive a step by step guide on how to use a highly effective and innovative decision-making process: Integrative Consent to make decisions that concretely move things forward
  • Enable distributed decision-making in your team’s structure
  • Creatively harness conflict and reduce fear of it
  • Build your confidence in implementing a collaborative process to bring out your team’s best solutions

Lesson 6: High Performing Self-Organizing Accountability Systems. Part 1: Distributing Power through Roles

  • Learn how to clearly distribute authority and roles within your team’s scopes
  • Gain an understanding of how to resolve the issues of hierarchy and unequal power dynamics
  • Gain an understanding and a free template to clarify jobs and strengthen accountability

Lesson 7: High Performing Self-Organizing Accountability Systems. Part 2: Collaborative Accountability Systems

  • Understand how to keep track of and prioritize all the complexity in your work
  • Learn how to implement strong self-managing accountability systems to increase productivity, reduce conflict, and obtain results sooner
  • Get access to collective task tracking with the Ops Reports and Ops Tracker

Lesson 8: Gaining Traction on the Big Picture: the Full Spectrum of Organizational Power Sharing

  • Learn how to implement shared leadership through organizational structure by following Collab™’s Seven Conversations
  • Access exercises to develop your vision, mission, and values collectively
  • Understand how to practice transparency through your business model and strategize for innovative solutions
  • Resolve interpersonal conflict to strengthen your team


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