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For DECEMBER ONLY, connect with your instructor in a one hour one-on-one coaching session.
Instead of a community of practice, you can engage in a private coaching sessions designated especially for our Level & Level II students and graduates to work through their current needs and situation.

First step, purchase this private session at just $40 (more than a 60% discount!).
Check your email for a link to schedule your one hour session with your instructor.
Then, schedule your appointment date before Dec 30, 2019. 

“Cecile helped to facilitate for me a radical re-understanding of what was possible in terms of collective and constructive engagement and participation towards a common goal.

Her mentoring around the use of this method in particular was a deep and meaningful teaching for me, and one that continues to develop and blossom.”
~ Andrew Venezia

The community of practice interactive calls are open to all Level I and Level II graduates.

We’ll be offering a space, similar to the Level I calls, for getting your questions answered, and offering further instruction on the remaining 7 conversations as they become relevant for your team. Come to the calls for your implementation and leadership questions. This may include going deeper into concepts such as Integrative Consent, defining scopes and roles, and facilitating/scribing the Standard Meeting Practice given real life examples.

Come hash out those real world problems and further your learning.
All Community of Practice calls are one hour. Reach out to for the current schedule. 

Community of Practice Meeting Options:

$40: one month pass: (Dropin Pass; 1 meeting) *Expires 1 month after purchase
$75: 3 month pass (3 meetings over 3 months) *Expires 3 months after purchase


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