We ran across a great post over on Medium recently about how using a structured collaboration and decision making process within their company was preventing the very possibility of gender discrimination and unconscious bias in the author’s workplace. They were using a system called Holacracy™, which is one of the organizational operating systems that we incorporated into our Collab™ model, along with a carefully selected range of other cutting edge perspectives and tools.

One thing we are passionate about here at Round Sky is understanding what really makes collaboration hum and sing in all kinds of organizations, amongst all sorts of people.

The problem often arises when our unconscious biases, habits, and personality characteristics get in the way of being able to really hear each other and gather the vital perspectives from the people we are working with. One of the hidden advantages of having truly innovative and structured formats for our work conversations, is that it gives space for everyone’s voice, not just the people who have confidence, authority, or just tend to talk more!

Check out this article by Kristy Meade:
Holacracy: A Step Toward Equality, Battling Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

How do you make your work more collaborative and undercut these often unseen and habitual biases?