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for Analyzing and Shifting Power in Cooperative Teams

Create new ways for power to flow. Explore humanizing and collaborative frameworks and processes that help you to walk the talk.

We all want humanizing processes and healthy power flows. However all too often, our cooperatives and mission driven organizations unwittingly recreate the destructive power dynamics and uncomfortable situations that we’re trying to replace!

It takes some examining, unlearning, and integrating of new structures to help us create the workspaces that we dream of.

Ultimately, we need new ways for power to flow through our teams and organizations. Developing collaborative processes that center humans can help guide us in our work together.

Examining power from a shared framework can reveal how we can individually and collectively re-direct harmful, stagnating, and uncomfortable dynamics.

Sign up below to dive into those power dynamics! The worksheet will guide you to analyze and map out the power dynamics in your team using an organizational tool: The Power Matrix and explore ways that you can work to shift these power dynamics more consciously and incrementally.

We’ll also introduce resources with processes and tips you can use everyday for shifting power in your communications, meetings, agreements, and more for generative power dynamics!

Key Take-Aways:

  • A new understanding of those challenging power dynamics in cooperative and collaborative teams
  • A framework for analyzing how power shows up in our work together
  • Actions for shifting unhealthy power dynamics to generative power dynamics
  • Hands on work to strengthen democratic processes

Download the FREE Mapping out Power Worksheet!

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