Tuesday June 23rd, 2015

12-2 pm EDT


$15 suggested donation

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The potential of shared leadership has just begun to emerge as a real and exciting force in our world… a deeply needed solution to the power toxicities that currently dominate.

Perhaps you’ve known in your bones and heart for a long time that collaborative leadership is key to solving the hard facts of our multiple crises and have applied its principles in every situation you can…

… and have found that it only seems to work sometimes in a mysterious mix of conditions with the right people…

You may have also found that despite it’s potential, collective leadership can be deeply frustrating and sometimes utterly unworkable with strong personalities running the show implicitly, decision making murky, and accountability difficult to achieve.

Come join two veteran co-founders who have researched the next edge of leadership for 25 years as they share a dependable recipe for joyful and effective shared leadership.

We’ll give you an overview of the territory, key maps we’ve found essential to navigating this new world of leadership, and teach you one of the key practices called Integrative Consent, a tool for making group decisions effectively, which you can immediately apply to your life.