Attend the Personal Development Workshop for Cooperative Leaders!

Become the Cooperative Leader You Want To Be — A Dive into Personal Development Exercises & How to Make Real Change

Monday, December 14th | Online Interactive Workshop | Pay What You Can

2020 has been a challenge for many. Likely, you’ve been stretched farther than you imagined by the constraints of the current realities with the pandemic, the ever-changing work space needs and shiftings, and crisis after crisis. However, what we are hearing from you and our community say over and over is the curiosity:

How can I grow, accept, and shift in these moments to better show up for myself?
How do I be the cooperative and intentional leader I want to be to support my team in this moment and beyond?

Reserve your spot in this workshop to dive into your personal development to become the cooperative leader you want to be… with compassion.

Who is this for?

  • Leaders seeking tangible and new tools to understand how to make change in their leadership and in their team
  • Managers, directors, & members in mission-driven teams (cooperatives, board members, non-profits, & businesses)
    • Invite your team to participate with you!
  • Business owners wanting to reflect on how to expand their capacity with these personal development tools

The Details:

Date & Time: Monday, December 14. 2020 from 3:30pm – 5:15pm ET

Cost: Pay What You Can

This workshop is offered on a Pay What You Can basis because everyone should have access to personal development. We know this is often does not get prioritized or simply does not fit in the budget. We want to share these practices with you! You have three options to choose your payment option based on your current ability starting at $10.

Here are your Pay What You Can Options:

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Email if these options do not work for you.

Location: Online workshop held via zoom. Details will be sent to your email — expect participation!

In this workshop, you will get tools and opportunities for understanding how to make change and growth in yourself and your team. Knowing how to live into your strengths and capacities can make a difference in your life, your work, and your contribution to the world and how you get through this current reality.


Attend the workshop to…

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your leadership style and goals
  • Learn different kinds of growth and how to make change in yourself and team as a leader
  • Understand why you just can’t seem to kick the patterns that aren’t serving you
  • Gain insight that’s unique to you and your leadership goals along with a set of next steps to make progress
  • Connect your personal development to the Cooperative Principles and Values
  • Leave with a clear goal for your leadership plan
  • Learn an exercise to come back to and continuously evaluate and focus in on your personal development