Round Sky Solutions is a dynamic organization comprised of compassionate and powerful people that has influenced our region to become sustainable, fair and self-organized, catalyzing a more generative world.

That’s our vision, and the more we expand and connect with our communities, local and beyond, and dive into this work together, the more aligned we feel with it.

This week marks the 5th of our first ever Collab Facilitator Training course. Launching these courses has truly strengthened our purpose as an organization, and we wanted to share a bit about what we’ve be learning with you.

Here are a few tips for how to define your Purpose:

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Purpose Exercise:

  • Take some time to research and reflect on:
    • how much of your organization’s purpose is implicit vs. explicit
    • what the process has been for evolving the organization’s purpose
  • Take some time to reflect on this purpose. Did this exercise change anything for you? What do your team members think? How might this affect your business model? What else does this bring up for you?

 “I’ve found this exercise particularly useful when trying to get clarity on an abstract project idea. As a facilitator, this is a great, simple exercise to take others through as a way to get centered and to help outline their current thoughts, ideas, and direction on paper.”

– Dylana K. Dillon, Round Sky Solutions