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Free Resources

Take your time through the plethora of resources below on transformative collaborative leadership and teams. Some are fun and light-hearted. Others are heavy and take time to implement. Be patient with yourself and your team as you work on your collaboration. Good luck!

The Collab™ ‘Zine

A digital version of our Collab™ ‘Zine! Key concepts of Collab™ in a fun mini magazine format.”Flip” through it. (if you want to print this out, ask for the “printable” version)!

Collab Zine

Five Hidden Reasons for Workplace Frustration*

Who hasn’t experienced frustration in the work place? Here’s a thorough guide to five of the key reasons underlying a variety of organizational dysfunctions. It includes recommendations for practical solutions and organization upgrades.
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The 4 Zones of Leadership Development Tool Kit*

These 4 Zones, Self, Operational, Relational, and Systemic highlight the major perspectives we all use to do our work everyday, but don’t often realize. By getting clear about and giving attention to areas that we might be overlooking, we can create synergy of effort within ourselves and in our teams.
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Our Social Venture Podcast Series

Listen to our podcasts about effective accountability and shared leadership in the workplace including the 3 essential aspects of fun and effective collaboration!

Why is it Hard to Make Change?!:

A Mission Traction Interview
Our colleague Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies interviewed us about our vision for how to make positive change in ourselves and our organizations. You’ll hear about why it’s so hard to make change, how to notice the power dynamics (race, gender, personality) in your work and how to move forward through an organizational standing, how to bring more energy and efficiency to your organization in the process, and tips along the way.

*Tip: if you want to skip intros, fast forward to minute 7:50

My advice … is to experiment with these really learnable systems. Once your team sees the traction, it’s really exciting.

We need to turn this around.

We all want a better life, a more engaged work life, and that’s at the core of our work.

Cecile Green

DIY Assessments

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your individual leadership and your organization with our free self-assessments. Results are instantly sent to you!

7 Conversations Tool Kit*

Learn about the 7 conversations that all organizations must have to be effective (and you’re likely already having some of them!). This video maps the critical conversational territory at work and hones in on some of the key issues that can be resolved when we learn how to have effective conversations.
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Buy the Collab™ Manual & Card Set to walk you through the steps to an efficient organization.

Check out the theories, thoughts, and principles that have influenced our work!

Find more resources on collaborative management and leadership in our blog!