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It is completely normal to feel frustrated with the sometimes… messiness and slowness experienced in collaboration. There are many practices out there from voting to consensus. However, sometimes even reaching the part where your team is ready to vote on a decision is not as cooperative and democratic as you’d like it to be.

You don’t need to cut corners here to get movement. It is actually a myth that cooperatives are not as efficient because the collaboration “slows” us down. In reality, the right, supportive process can make us more efficient than the hierarchical ways while also getting our team on board!

Collective decision-making that uses the power of the team for aligning and clarifying decisions will help your team flow better together! In this toolkit, you’ll find tangible tools to take to your team which will:

  • Effect immediate change using this 4 step process
  • Save time and increase participation with this collective decision making method
  • Strengthen your team’s democratic processes whether in-person or remote


Decision-making in cooperatives can be abundant, innovative, creative, and even fun!