Organizational Trainings Customized to your Cooperation, Leadership, and Participatory Management Needs

Matching Intuition and Values with Collaborative Systems and Facilitation to Hold Collective Process with Purpose

customized trainings designed to your team’s needs

Increase your team’s shared leadership capacity in this training by:

  • Learning and using facilitation tools and skills for collective problem-solving in the midst of uncertainty (hint: your team has the needed answers)
  • Putting effective AND collaborative decision-making processes into practice (including figuring out who makes which decisions in your collaboration)
  • Strengthening alignment & accountability while reducing burnout through collaborative project management tools
  • Bringing visibility to the work that’s happening, which ultimately supports coordination
  • Building community & hashing out the real world complexities in meaningful democratic management

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The ‘What’ and ‘How’ are Inseparable if you Value Inclusion and Participation

We believe that cooperatives, worker self-directed non-profits, intentional communities, non-profits and other mission-driven organizations that care about the HOW they go about their work are a key part of the answer to the ongoing inequalities and crises. How you operate internally, can reveal a lot. It is pivotal to create workplace cultures and structures that are human-centered and cooperative.

However, it is easy to simply declare your organization is collaboration or tell your team that you’re a collaborative work environment. You and your team will benefit most from putting effort into being meaningfully collaborative (that is not just about trying harder to be collaborative!).

Leading in a self-organizing environment requires a whole new set of skills and abilities that our current hierarchical world and realities does not teach us.

—–> that’s where we come in.

“I really believe Round Sky helped us immensely with our COVID and uprising rapid response plans, allowing us to clarify roles and responsibilities much more clearly and freeing people up to innovate and really own their roles. In our old structure it was hard to make any quick pivots.“

Resource Generation Staff

Structures & Processes Can Hold You Accountable to Your Participatory Values

We believe structures and processes can be incredibly helpful to hold our teams accountable to their values and visions of participatory and collaborative management.

Meeting flows and clear decision making processes that support and work with participation can help your team to systemize cooperation into both inclusive AND effective work flows.

We help teams get to a place where their communication flow and decision-making is efficient, leadership is truly shared, and brilliance is recognized.

We work with teams that want to expand their capacities to collaborate and share power as a team.

Knowing how to problem-solve, rapidly respond, and pivot collectively is an art form that benefits tremendously from an effective collaborative structure your whole team can learn and use.


This customized training is for you if your team is experiencing some of these challenges:

  • Ineffective or frustrating meetings where only a few voices are heard
  • Unclear and ineffective decision making
  • Differing expectations and unclear accountability and no clear way forward
  • Questions about who makes make which decisions
  • Difficulty adapting to rapidly changing conditions
  • Too much time spent reactively putting out fires and not enough pursuing the bigger goals


How Does Round Sky Work with Teams?

This will vary from team to team. These are some of the things we have worked with teams in the past.

  • Integrate a set of concrete meeting flow, decision-making and collective project management practices that will move your team’s work forward and expand your team’s capacity
  • Create an organizational analysis of your current state (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) through surveys of relevant stakeholders
  • Facilitate a collectively created strategic plan (that doesn’t sit in a binder for the next 5 years)
  • Learn how to get clear direction and answers to the questions of who is doing what
  • Facilitate and learn a decision making process that is not about majority, but innovative and inclusive
  • Build collective problem-solving tactics for all sorts of problems

*This training is tailored to your needs.

See the intake form below to let us know what level of engagement is most appropriate for your team form one time workshops to organizational wide transformation

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Working with these tools has helped our growing business amalgamate our differing opinions and visions of the future. Thanks to this, we now have the tools to hold fair and effective meetings which will help us process the issues ahead.
Timo Bradley

Timber Homes, LLC

With your guidance you turned what could have been, at best, a jumbled waste of time or, perhaps worse, a clash of perspectives into a constructive reorientation of the focus of the group. In my mind, that was a turning point for the productivity of our team and the success of our work.
Bryant Morgan

Marlboro College

Working with Round Sky Solutions helped us tackle challenges in our business that we had been struggling with for quite some time. We saw immediate benefit from the systems we learned and we expect to continue to benefit for months and years to come. Each person on our administrative team gained clarity and we now have a process in place to support greatly improved communication and enhanced problem solving skills.
Teresa Davis

I gained some incredible and tangible insights that I feel I can implement immediately within my team. I finally feel there is a solution to the frustration and am encouraged about creating a functional organization.
Riyon Harding


Cecile taught and exposed us to a new model for problem identification and resolution. She was an effective conduit for getting everyone’s participation, enabling responses and moving the process along to theoretical results. She showed us how to dialogue about projects and issues, but even more critical – how to nail down the action component.
Nancy Scheemaker

Northshire Bookstore

When we hired Round Sky, our business was at a pivotal point of growth – and we were feeling growing pains. With their training, we resolved a lot of issues, clarified our roles with one another, and now have a constructive place to bring our concerns to be discussed in a supportive and helpful way that will not only help us – but the overall company as well.
Beth Robinson