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Facilitate a meaningfully democratic process for efficient and innovative collective decisions
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Gain New Democratic Tools and Skills to Facilitate Strong Cooperative Decision-Making

Wednesday, July 29th | Online Interactive Workshop
Delivered in partnership between Loomio and Round Sky Solutions

Learn collective decision-making tools that utilize the power of your team in this powerful workshop delivered by cooperative decision-making experts, Loomio and Round Sky.

Together, we will work through a decision-making framework (IC) that integrates the best parts of collective decision-making processes for meaningful participation. You’ll learn IC and how to facilitate it in your remote and in-person meetings. You will gain tactics and skills to use in all sorts of situations to facilitate clear and effective collective decision-making.

Walk away with a complete set of tools you can start using with your team immediately.

Key take-aways include:

  • A step by step process you can start using immediately in person and remotely!
  • A method that unlocks participatory decision making and saves you time
  • Tactics to facilitate your team into more agile and innovative decision making
  • Skills and tools to spot the distractions that prevent your team from efficiently making decisions together, including who has the power to do what in the process
  • A bigger picture view to understand how these tools can you support your team in times of crisis
  • Tips and tricks for facilitating your team through the disagreements, ‘blocks’, and objections

This workshop is for you if sometimes you and your team experience ANY of the following:

  • Discussions that go around and around in circles taking a long time to get to a conclusion
  • Lengthy meetings resulting in few (if any) clear decisions agreed upon 
  • A few people on the team dominate the decision-making process (perhaps unknowingly) while others hardly offer any input 
  • Sometimes your team gets stuck simply because someone doesn’t agree
  • You feel frustrated at times making it tempting to simply make the decision yourself because the show must go on!

Who is this for?

  • Managers, directors, & members in mission-driven teams (cooperatives, board members, non-profits, & businesses)
  • Cooperative Developers, Consultants, & Coaches working with teams
  • Business owners wanting to bring in new tools to meaningfully increase participation
  • Leaders seeking tangible and new tools to transform decision-making in their team(s)

The Details:

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 29th from 3:30pm – 5:30pm EST

Cost: $75

Location: Online workshop held via zoom. Details will be sent to your email — expect participation!

Discounts: 25% off Group discount (groups of 2 or more)
Email to take advantage of the discounts.