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Facilitate a meaningfully democratic process for efficient and innovative collective decisions
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Gain New Democratic Tools and Skills to Facilitate Strong Cooperative Decision-Making

Monday, June 24th | Online Interactive Workshop | Concrete Tools

In this workshop, you will receive collective decision-making tools that use the power of your cooperative team for aligning and clarifying decisions including:

  • A step by step collective decision-making process you can start using immediately
  • A method that unlocks participatory decision-making and saves you time
  • A way to strengthen your team’s democratic processes in-person or in a remote team

For this workshop, Round Sky is partnering with a special guest from Loomio to include an added feature to your remote and asynchronous decision-making! Loomio is a worker cooperative and social enterprise offering an app that helps people have inclusive discussions and make better decisions together.

In our cooperative teams, the question of how do we make decisions together is long lived. There are many practices out there from voting to consensus. However, sometimes even reaching the part where your team is ready to vote on a decision is not as cooperative and democratic as you’d like it to be.

It is completely normal to feel frustrated with the sometimes… messiness and slowness experienced in collaboration. However, there are tested and proven ways to put that energy in your coop into your decision-making!

It is actually a myth that cooperatives are not as efficient because the collaboration “slows” us down. You don’t need to cut corners here to get movement. In reality, the right, supportive process can make us more efficient than the hierarchical ways while also getting our team on board!


Decision-making in cooperatives can be abundant, innovative, creative, and even fun!


This workshop is for you if sometimes you and your team experience ANY of the following:

  • Discussions that go around and around in circles taking a long time to get to a conclusion
  • Lengthy meetings resulting in few (if any) clear decisions agreed upon 
  • A few people on the team dominate the decision-making process (perhaps unknowingly) while others hardly offer any input 
  • Sometimes your team gets stuck simply because someone doesn’t agree
  • You feel frustrated at times making it tempting to simply make the decision yourself because the show must go on!

When you have a comprehensive democratic process to facilitate healthy decision-making in your teams you can…

  • Facilitate complex group discussions into decision-making
  • Foster effective democratic and abundant leadership
  • Troubleshoot solutions in place of unhealthy group dynamics
  • Improve the flow of healthy, effective, and transparent organizational communication

In this workshop, you will learn and work through a decision-making framework that integrates the best parts of collective decision-making processes for meaningful participation. You’ll learn how to facilitate an effective decision-making process in both in person and remote meetings. You will also gain tactics and skills to use in all sorts of situations to guide clear and effective collective decision-making.

Key Take-Aways:

  • A method that unlocks participatory decision making and saves you time
  • Tactics to facilitate your team into more agile and innovative decision making
  • Skills and tools to spot the distractions that prevent your team from efficiently making decisions together
  • A way to strengthen your team’s democratic processes
  • A process you can start using immediately in-person or in a remote team

Who is this for?

  • Managers, directors, & members in mission-driven teams (cooperatives, Coop boards, non-profits, & businesses)
  • Cooperative Developers, Consultants, & Coaches working with teams
  • Business owners wanting to bring in new tools to meaningfully increase participation
  • Leaders seeking tangible and new tools to transform decision-making in their team(s)

The Details:

Date and Time: Monday, June 24th, 3:00pm – 5:30pm EST

Cost: $99

Location: This is an online workshop held via a video platform. Details will be sent to your email — expect participation!

Discounts: Email to take advantage of the discounts.
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