Lesson 8: Gaining Traction on the Big Picture
The Full Spectrum of Organizational Power Sharing

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Goals for this Lesson

  • Learn how to implement shared leadership through organizational structure by following Collab™’s Seven Conversations
  • Understand the importance of building systems for evolving purpose, business model, strategy and addressing interpersonal tensions collectively

Learning Activities

  1. Watch the Lesson 8 training video.
  2. Check out the supplemental materials.

Training Video

*Click the full screen arrows on the bottom right corner of the video to enter full screen. 


Tips and Tricks

  • Try identifying different types of tensions in your next meeting. Which ones are related to the Seven Conversations (purpose, business model, etc)?
  • Try facilitating a meeting in your organization! Then, attend the next Live Call and post in the forum to let us and the rest of the participants know how it went, and what you need for support.


Respond to the following prompts:

How has what you’ve learned in Collab 101 changed your understanding of how to work with your organization(s)?

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  1. Noemi

    To me, learning the Collab system and process has been like waking up one morning and from being a squirmy fish flopping around in the shallows, finding that I now have a set of feet, and can see a path open up, step by step, all the way to as far as I can see. The path may be difficult and hard, but I’ve got the ability to move forward and make progress!

    • Rebecca Fisher McGinty

      Hi Noemi,
      That’s really a great way to put it. I love this encouraging statement because its a reminder that we can only move incrementally forward.. in other words, one step at a time! Thanks for this.


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