Lesson 7: High Performing Self-Organizing Accountability Systems
Part 2: Collaborative Accountability Systems

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Goals for this Lesson

  • Understand how to keep track of and prioritize all the complexity in your work
  • Learn how to implement strong self-managing accountability systems to increase productivity, reduce conflict, and obtain results sooner
  • Gain access to collective task tracking with the Ops Reports and Ops Tracker

Learning Activities

  1. Watch the Lesson 7 training video (below).
  2. Review pages 62-63 in the InstructionalThis content is covered in the video. Be sure to familiarize yourself with where this information is so that you can refer back to it.
  3. Check out the supplemental materials (below).

Training Video

*Click the full screen arrows on the bottom right corner of the video to enter full screen. 


Key Templates

Tips and Tricks

  • Try using the Ops Reports and Ops Tracker practice in a team. Demonstrate the practice for your team by inputting your information first. Then, introduce the steps of the reporting process before taking people through them. This might feel awkward at first. With practice, it may become crucial to your team.


Respond to the following prompts:

How has a lack of clear accountability systems hindered the progress of organizations that you’ve been a part of? What clear benefits do you see from utilizing a transparent system like the one we’ve shown you here?

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  1. Anna

    As others have said, there’s just so often a mess of unclarity when you don’t have a good tracking system and only one or two people are actually accountable for the projects of the organization. It’s also hard to keep track of every detail and to fully understand the scope of a project when you don’t have these systems, so projects often are targeted to be done way earlier than is actually reasonable. Tracking tasks forces you to think through steps early on in a process and get a realistic timeframe together, so the work generally gets done in the time that it was promised. Much less drama and blame this way!

    • Rebecca Fisher McGinty

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment Anna! Yes, this is a great point. This reminded me that I’ve found that collective task tracking helps to visibilize the amount of work everyone on the team is doing and make it a bit more equally distributed. I think this helps with understanding timelines too.

  2. Noemi

    I think that this will turn out to be useful, but I must say it’s one of the most challenging parts of the whole process for me. Not that I don’t want transparency and accountability, just that I find it enormously difficult to consistently track my tasks and identify which projects are priority and do those. I am looking forward to improving in this area though!


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