Lesson 5: Sharing Power through Effective Decision-Making, Integrative Consent

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Goals for this Lesson

  • Gain an understanding of various decision-making processes
  • Receive a step by step guide on how to use Integrative Consent
  • Make decisions that concretely move things forward
  • Enable distributed decision-making in your team’s structure
  • Creatively harness conflict and reduce fear of it
  • Build your confidence in implementing a collaborative process to bring out your team’s best solutions

Learning Activities

  1. Read pages 74-75 and the definition of Integrative Consent on page 170 in the Instructional. Ponder the question “How have I felt about the current decision-making practices I’m a part of? Does that practice actively value my or others’ input?”
  2. Watch the Lesson 5 training video (below).
  3. Review pages 33 and 148 in the Instructional. Much of this content has been covered in the training. It’s important to familiarize yourself with where this information is and why Integrative Consent is important.
  4. Check out the supplemental materials (below).

Training Video

*Click the full screen arrows on the bottom right corner of the video to enter full screen. 


Tips and Tricks

  • Keep in mind that when you use Integrative Consent, any decision can be revisited at any time. So, there’s no need to get this perfect up front. Adequate is good enough to try out a decision with your team. Future additions and subtractions to decisions are expected and healthy pieces of navigating group work in a complex world.
  • Experiment with using Integrative Consent in times of decision-making with your team. Beginning to apply this practice will greatly increase your learning!


Respond to the following prompts:

We’ve all had the experience of slow decision-making processes that are influenced by existing power dynamics and don’t yield the change that we all really need. Share some of the concrete or abstract benefits you see to utilizing a process that can help you and your team fairly and rapidly integrate the changing needs of the organization.

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  1. Anna

    More, better work gets done in this system of decision-making. I find great value in bringing the advice of my colleagues, who have different experiences and expertise than I. When a situation comes up that affects a project or task we’re working on, and it’s something that one individual isn’t sure how to deal with, or isn’t positive of all ramifications, the collaborative decision-making process allows that person to collect information they don’t have and integrate it into their response before moving forward with the project/task.

    It’s certainly also empowering to be entrusted with a role in the organization and to be able to fulfill and energize that role in your own way. I think some of the most creative work comes from this empowerment and trust. It’s very powerful to have a whole team working in this system and feeling empowered, trusted, creative, and agile.

    • Charlotte Root

      That’s so great to hear Anna, thanks for sharing! I’m pleased that you’re finding so much success with these tools.

      I see the power of collaboration every day with these tools that are built to support creative innovation within what might otherwise be an unclear, confusing, and ultimately dispempowering conversation. This transparent and shared framework and structure makes it possible for us to release our egos and bring more clarity and creative thought to our shared work.

      I also think the empowerment that comes from role clarity and authority is one of the most powerful pieces that I’ve gotten from the Collab framework. It’s truly created a 360 degree shift in how I see successful relationships at all levels and inspired me to tackle social change with a new understanding of what an empowered citizen looks like.

      • Charlotte Root

        Keep up the good work Anna and reach out if you have any more insights and/or questions!


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