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Upcoming Live Calls (in 2019)

Live calls are held on quarterly (every 3 months) on the second Friday. Add them to your calendar above! More information on the homepage about connecting and best tips here.


There are multiple ways to receive support in Collab™ 101. Share your experiences, and ask and answer questions in the forums and Live Calls. You may also contact us at
We strive to reply to your questions within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.
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We’ve compiled our extra bonus resources here. See below for the recordings of previous Live Calls and a bunch of other resources (and we’re always adding new items)! Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have about these resources or about another resource you really wish we had available!

Coaching Sessions Included in Collab 101!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the two FREE coaching sessions you have available! The Round Sky Certified Coaches can help you address whatever is on your heart and mind, help you get the most out of Collab 101, and prepare you to integrate what you’ve learned into your life and work! Sign up to schedule your personal leadership growth coaching session here and sign up here to schedule a session to explore the next steps to meet the needs of your team.

Continue Investing in your Collaborative Leadership

Are you already looking forward, eagerly planning out how to integrate your Collab 101 learning into your team? We love that! REGISTER NOW to continue this incredible training, get more support directly from our amazing coaches, and really integrate these tools in our Collaborative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP) . We’re launching a Level I cohort right now and you could be in it!

Past Live Call Recordings

Resources and Tools

  • Access a plethora of exclusive resources for the Round Sky Community. Resources include key diagrams to sort out your team’s struggles and exercises to map out your leadership growth!
  • Watch our webinar on managing (and preventing) conflict in the workplace.
  • Learn the 5 Tips to Untangle Power in Your Team in this recent webinar (you’ll know some of this from your Collab 101 studies).
  • Access our directory of recorded webinars here on various topics of Collaborative Leadership and Participatory Management.