Coaching Circles

Are you seeking cohesion, meaning and movement on your purpose? Do you want to have a deeper understanding of your potential? Do you want to develop your leadership in a community with like minded peers and also receive one-on-one support? Join Round Sky Solutions’ Coaching Circles.

Coaching Circles are for you to deepen your ability to live out your purpose in your work, relationships, and vision.

Benefits that you might experience after working on your leadership with us…

  • A stronger understanding of your unique strengths and brilliance and your growth opportunities
  • Training, tools, and support to overcome the hurdles in your work and life relationships honing in on effective communication and leadership.
  • Confidence that your work and life is moving forward in line with your values and principles and what you want to see in the world

Work with us, if you want to solve some of these challenges!

  • Simply too much work to do and not enough capacity
  • Difficulty with communication and clear decision making in your teams
  • Struggling with the pace of a democratic process
  • Feeling like you lack a community of peers prioritizing shared leadership

What are you getting out of this?

Through our Coaching Circles and training, we work with you and a group of your peers to design a program that fits the needs of your unique situation and foster community. We offer:

  • An analysis of your leadership dynamics
  • A coaching program to build your facilitative skills to handle sticky situations
  • A network of like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off of and learn from
  • Concrete skill training in researched and proven participatory leadership methodologies
  • A communication toolkit for effective, efficient teams
  • Collaborative Leadership Certification upon completion of the program

Details of Coaching Circles:

  • 6 Month Program of Self Development & Community Learning Support
  • 2 Sessions each month of guided peer support Coaching Circles
  • 2 Program design sessions and customized coaching program
  • 1 Session each month of One-on-One Coaching included
  • All Sessions Facilitated by Daniel Little, Integral Master Coach™

The first step is to contact us now to schedule your FREE 30 minute exploratory session HERE with Integral Master Coach™, Daniel Little, and take this revealing test to see where your leadership strengths and challenges show up!


As a highly customized program, the cost varies. We will work with you and your needs. Payment plans and scholarships/grants are available! Vermonters have an opportunity to apply to for the Vermont non-degree grant program. (Read more here about that.)

What our Clients are Saying…

Daniel is not only one of the best, most active and compassionate listeners I’ve ever met, but he’s also an intensely curious man. He loves exploring the hidden depths and mysterious corners of issues and ideas, uncovering patterns, trends, unspoken assumptions, and unexpected perspectives. As a Coach, this allows him to collaborate with and support his clients in an incredibly artful manner, helping to articulate goals and design pathways of engagement towards achieving them. He’s also adept at anticipating potential obstacles and devising strategies for avoiding, subverting, or just blowing them clean out of the way. Daniel is an incredible ally for aspirational change-makers, impassioned visionaries, and hard-working folks just trying to Get Stuff Done!
Kathryn Blume

Vermontivate, 350VT

It wasn’t what I expected. As a work coach I anticipated more of a performance tracking program in which I would have help tracking and managing to more work output as a metric. Daniel’s listening and presence brought the process to a much deeper level. The focus on being gave me the support I needed – turns out I was in the midst of an incredibly difficult period. The support the program provided enabled me to access the inner strength I needed to turn the roughness into fertility. The program was powerful and adapted with me and gave me one of the biggest gifts I’ve ever had: friendship on the inside.
Daniella Malin

Sustainable Food Lab

Daniel embodies what he does so naturally with a great spirit of “let me help you from my heart”. As a life coach, he brought together a well of knowledge and passion for moving, guiding and walking me through what appeared to be a thicket of life. Over and over, Daniel hit the nail on the head each and every time we met with his words, metaphors and drawings. I always felt well understood in where I was most in need of support and perspective.
When I first met with Daniel I was a million places at once in my mind and body. When I last met with Daniel I was settled and rooted in my whole being, and very much felt how that radiated and affected my world at large. The practices I was given in between sessions were doable in spite of a very busy life and helped me to understand the “busy” cycle I can get myself into. They helped to anchor me in the intentions I was setting on a monthly basis in the one-on-one session. I am thankful for the variety of practices I now have in my arsenal – as my need for them continues to pop up here and there!
In just 4 months of working with Daniel, I made great strides in the sense that I now rarely take on more than I can chew at once. This has made my days and my life more graceful and enjoyable and my whole self more rested and at peace. My experience as both a mother and small business owner has been deeply impacted by the “work” I accomplished with Daniel and I am grateful for having such a gentle yet direct person, as Daniel is, here in our community.
Tara Carpenter

Personal Therapeutic Chef

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