Join the FREE 5-Day Spring “Cleaning” Challenge to explore and transform the power dynamics in your team.

Create new ways for power to flow. Explore humanizing and collaborative processes that help you to walk the talk.

We all want humanizing processes and healthy power flows. However all to often, our cooperatives and mission driven organizations unwittingly recreate the destructive power dynamics and uncomfortable situations that we’re trying to replace! It takes some examining, unlearning, and integrating of new structures to help us create the work spaces that we dream of.

This spring, “clean” up those unhealthy power dynamics. Tending to power is an ongoing process and with the right tools, we can continuously learn and shift our patterns towards generative power.

We need new ways for power to flow through humanizing and collaborative processes to guide us in our work together.

Begin right where you are.

At the end of this “challenge”, you’ll find yourself understanding your experiences in a new way, through a new frame of view. Really facing your experiences will reveal what’s next for cultivating healthy power dynamics.

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Key Take-Aways:

  • A new understanding of those challenging power dynamics in cooperative and collaborative teams
  • A framework for analyzing how power shows up in our work together
  • Actions for shifting unhealthy power dynamics to generative power dynamics
  • Hands on work to strengthen democratic processes


You’re Invited to the 5 Day Spring “Clean” Power Challenge

Take a deep look at your experiences with power. What’s your understanding of it now? What are the ideal dynamics and flows in your team? Becoming a skilled analyst of power and knowing how to nurture generative power is a game changer. Take the challenge to get started!


Consider this an opportunity to evaluate how you understand and work with power in your leadership and team dynamics. In only 5 days you can start to transform the way you understand the power dynamics in your team and life and how you can shift them!

This challenge will offer a working definition of power, a framework and method to analyze the power (harmful and generative) dynamics in your team using an organizational tool: The Power Matrix. You will use what you learn to work with power in a generative and healthy way in your team.