Collaborative Leadership Certification Program

Level III: Coaching & Implementing

Gain the direct coached feedback to use Collab fully as an instructor, coach, and leader within a team and for other teams through the Level III Implementation Training. 

3 Case Studies | Online Training | Coached Facilitation

Increase your capacity to facilitate and coach the spectrum of the 7 conversations by:

  • Honing in on both the big picture view for a team and the nitty gritty details
  • Strengthening alignment & accountability through strong strategy, purpose, and operations conversations
  • Building community, managing conflict & sorting through the complexities in democratic management
  • Supporting your implementation skills with three different scenario

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Our rigorous certification process is intended to get you fully trained and licensed to use Collab as an independent consultant and trainer as well as to strengthen the collaborative processes and conversations in your teams for meaningful participation. Level I and Level II are impressive achievements as you’ve expanded your capacity with each of the 7 conversations.

This is your opportunity to solidify and take your practice to the next level to give feedback to the teams you work with, to facilitate their processes and to teach Collab as your own.

Benefits to You

  • Supported facilitation practice with clients and teams to strengthen your application of the Collab Methodology
  • Stronger understanding and access to the practical templates and rich training to build responsive, dynamic collaborative teams with empowered team members and working accountability
  • Capacity built to create a comprehensive analysis to implement Collab in various scenarios
  • Regular live training calls with Round Sky instructors to get support with facilitating, implementing, and troubleshooting the current issues in your team
  • Governance practices to make sustainable (and crucial) changes
  • Increased self-awareness of your strengths and how to grow for the betterment of yourself and your teams
  • Certification as a Collab Level III: Implementor to sell and teach Collab professionally and informally

This enriching time together with other collaborative leaders is a great opportunity to connect and share as we explore theory, build community, organize projects, and align purpose with practice.

The community of cooperative leaders you’ll meet can offer you support and feedback for your work, and you’ll also get to hear their ideas and strategies for details like funding, structure, and legal concerns in addition to our own.

We’re always amazed at how much wisdom and experience our participants share with each other!

Who is this For?

  • Managers, directors, & members in mission-driven teams (cooperatives, non-profits, boards, & businesses)
  • Consultants, Coaches, & Cooperative Developers working with teams that want to sell Collab in their work
  • Leaders seeking new tools for their leadership to support the development of leadership of others
  • Level II certified students that want to deepen their understanding of the Collab methodology through practice, reflection, and community

Costs to Engage in Level III

Level III is designed to be a coached facilitation course as you implement Collab in three different scenarios. Those three different cases may take 3-8 months each. Thus, the course time and coached time to fulfill the Level III certification will be determined on a case by case basis and at a lower student price. 

Monthly payment plans are available as well as Financial Aid and Scholarships. 

Our intention is to make this course accessible to everyone. If you need support financially, please indicate this as you apply for the course. We’ll do our best to make it work! If you are a Vermont resident, you may be eligible for a VSAC non-degree grant. We also have financial aid available if needed.

Course Details: Level III

Here is the content and the details you can expect for the Level III training. 

Certification Overview

  • You will become certified after doing Collab implementation work and producing 3 case studies, which includes:
    • Completion of 100 recorded hours of facilitation
    • Actively engage in participation in supervision calls and process
    • Completion of a personal development program including somatics
    • Client, observer, and self assessments submitted
    • 3 case studies developed with your implementation work

Review of All Theory

  • Intro to Collab:
    • Reveal and hack power dynamics
    • Leverage how you share power in your team for social change
    • Build effective, inclusive, mission-driven, power-sharing organizations and teams
  • Collab Methodology:
    • the 7 conversations, tension sorting, and the need for matching process with desired outputs
  • Use tools for abstraction and information gathering to place your Self as an instrument and drive your evolution as a facilitative leader
    • integral lenses
    • cycle of change
    • technical and adaptive change
    • Somatics
    • 7 conversations as lines of organizational development

Implementation Component

  • Instruction
    • Including introduction to the assessment tools
    • Shadowing (recorded options as well)
  • Case Demonstrations and Studies
    • Find and contract with 3 Clients
    • Conduct intake assessments
    • Lead implementation with supervision
    • Conduct exit assessments
    • Create case studies

Overview of the Methodologies behind Collab

  • Review and Basic understanding:
    • Theory U
    • Appreciative Inquiry
    • Agile/Scrum
    • Business Model Generation
    • Sociocracy
    • Holacracy
    • Results Based Accountability
    • Getting Things Done
    • Integral Coaching
    • Somatics
    • Immunity to Change
    • AQAL Integral Theory
    • 360 Degrees Feedback
    • Open Book Management