In the beginning of August, we, at Round Sky, launched our 9 month-long Level II, Collaborative Leadership Certification Program. This cohort has been diving deep into our collaborative management tools. They are examining their team(s) via the 7 Conversations and the Power Matrix, learning the key Integral lenses, integrating new ways of seeing and understanding themselves and others in leadership, and exploring personal development practices. This includes how all types of work styles can be leveraged for the growth of the team.

We are delighted to begin this transformative leadership certification program with these leaders of cooperatives, coaches and consultants, non-profit directors, and entrepreneurs. They all share a desire to take Collab’s participatory management and leadership tools and insight learned in Level I to a deeper understanding!

Meet the 2018-2019 Level II Cohort below!

If you’re curious about deepening your understanding of collaboration and expand your leadership capacity, start with our Level I Certification. Learn more here. 

Carolyn Edsell-Vetter

Carolyn Edsell-Vetter

co-CEO, A Yard & A Half Landscaping Cooperative

Carolyn Lagomasino Edsell-Vetter is co-CEO of A Yard & A Half Landscaping Cooperative near Boston, MA. In 2013, she led the conversion of A Yard & A Half Landscaping to a worker-owned coop. Since that time, she has been working with her mostly Salvadorean immigrant co-owners to facilitate a shift to more a democratic workplace culture, where everyone’s leadership contributions are valued.

Skyler Perkins

Skyler Perkins

Skyler Perkins’ work revolves around fostering the transition away from a growth based economic system. First, he intends to use the Round Sky leadership programs in order to gains skills for organizing and educating with this goal in mind. He also believes that a sustainable economy will have to be increasingly democratic and community based, so we should probably learn how to get along, have fun, and be productive all at the same time.

Jan Sage

Jan Sage

Learning Experience Designer, MediaSage

Jan Sage, Boston area. Former theatre artist/dancer/singer and media producer evolved to a “next-stage” learning designer and OD (Organizational Design) specialist determined to help humanity make a graceful shift to the coming Planetary Era.

Jamie Kearney

Jamie Kearney

Bodyworker & Integral Master Coach

Jamie Kearney is a Bodyworker and Integral Master Coach who specializes in structural and somatic healing and development. In his practice he uses modalities like craniosacral therapy and deep myofascial massage to release painful physical mental and emotional patterns and support the body in finding new ways of being. As a Coach, he designs transformative programs to help clients develop new visions, insights, and skills that support them in creating the life they most deeply want to live. He has been practicing this combination of bodywork and self discovery for 9 years.

Noemi Giszpenc

Noemi Giszpenc

Executive Director, Cooperative Development Institute

Noemi Giszpenc is the Executive Director of the Cooperative Development Institute, a nonprofit helping co-ops of all types form and flourish in the Northeast US. CDI is committed to “being the change” and operating in a participatory, inclusive, and effective way. As the organization’s leader, Noemi is figuring out how to be the change herself and inspire and support others.

Level II Collaborative Leaders

The cohort took a team picture in one of their online sessions, which is harder to time than you would think! This group of leaders is pretty incredible. Collaborative leadership is an emerging new way of leading that is significantly different than how our culture has defined leading and managing in the past. It’s not about having all the answers, telling others what to do, nor having unilateral power over others.

Collaborative leadership is about leading and managing in community with others, continuously seeking room to improve yourself and supporting your peers, working with others (not necessarily “for” others), and actively including others in leadership and power in the collective work.

This group of leaders is honing in on their own capacity to better support themselves and their teams. Say hello in the comments below!

Hear more about The Level II, Collaborative Leadership Certification below!


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