Shelley Rogers (She/her)

Community Food Project Advisor at Grace Grows
Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2020)

A keen-eyed listener & media maker, Shelley Rogers has focused her work on amplifying the voices of food system stakeholders. For the past decade, she has served as the lead creative partner with several non-profit collaborators on initiatives and projects that aim to humanize issues so that sharing knowledge can open pathways for understanding and collective action.

Currently, she serves as Community Food Project Advisor for Grace Grows, a nonprofit in Gainesville, FL that works closely with people who are experiencing homelessness and economic disparities through educational and training programs, therapeutic gardening programs, and developing solutions to systemic issues facing this population.

Recently, she collaborated with the Agricultural Justice Project on a communications campaign called Hungry for Justice: Whose Voice is Missing? Launched on social media, it raises public awareness about the ways injustices throughout the food system are linked to each other and to systemic mechanisms that perpetuate injustice and the grassroots strategies that are working to dismantle those underlying mechanisms.

With her husband & sustainable food systems advocate, Marty Mesh, Shelley is also a co-founder of Mesh & Associates, a consulting group that serves farms, businesses & organizations navigating the ever-evolving food system landscape to advance revolution.

She has been a work-share Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) member of The Family Garden Organic & Food Justice Certified farm for the past 9 seasons and collaborated with the Agricultural Justice Project in 2012 to produce Hungry for Justice: Spotlight on the South, a short video featuring farmer Jordan Brown of The Family Garden Organic Farm and his commitment to focus on social justice issues for his farmworkers by seeking Food Justice Certification.