Rachel is a Brooklynite, cooperative developer and facilitator, and beginner food grower and herbalist. Rachel has been organizing for over a dozen years at the intersection of gender, labor and sexuality, including around sex work, gender-based violence, LGBTQ homelessness, and immigrant-led worker cooperatives.

For over 6 years, Rachel has been cultivating workplace democracy and anti-capitalist leadership through direct work with coops and training community organizations to develop coops in their communities. Currently, Rachel is a consultant as well as a cooperative developer at RiseBoro Community Partnership, where they are organizing worker cooperatives as part of the Central Brooklyn Food Democracy Project, a Black-led food sovereignty project. Rachel serves on the board of the NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives.

You can contact Rachel at rachel@isreeli dot com.


Rachel Isreeli (She/They)

Cooperative Developer & Consultant
Certified via Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2019)