Peggy Fogarty (She/Her)

Executive Director at Keystone Development Center
Participant in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2020)

Peggy, Executive Director of KDC, is the board/organization liaison. She oversees KDC’s funding plan, finances, operations, systems, projects, clients, and our team. Employed by KDC since 2005, she has served as the ED since 2014. She has been instrumental in expanding the reach of the KDC regionally, in the diversity our projects and our people. She brings her skills of developing a participatory economy for shared and sustainable wellbeing.

Peggy’s entrepreneurial spirit, vision, and ability to leverage community partners are key ingredients to KDC and her client’s success during import phases of development and expansion. Her skills in inquiry and analysis help clients develop a vision by utilizing tools such as surveys, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews. She serves as a resource to clients developing their social infrastructure including board development, strategic planning and the writing of internal policy, bylaws, and marketing agreements. Her strengths as a cooperative development practitioner include feasibility and business planning as well as creating and analyzing financial proformas including multi-year revenue modeling.

Peggy has worked as the owner operator of an organic produce farm, as served as an Extension Educator with Penn State in Agricultural Economic Development, and as the Program Coordinator for the Penn States Farm Food Safety Program. Ms. Fogarty is a graduate of University of Arizona where she received her master’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, and Rutgers University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Urban Studies.

“My team members are much more aware of each other’s work, have more clarity on the overall organization’s functions and purpose, are more collaborative, and more productive. Many of the things I wished to address in starting this training have improved. As the team builds its capacity, I feel a window is opening for me to step away and have some much-needed time unplugged.”

– Peggy Fogarty on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program