I’m Omar Senhaji. I grew up between Morocco and KSA due to my parent’s work. After high-school I’ve moved to Paris for university but after a semester there I’ve decided to move to Montreal to finish my university studies there. I lived there for about 6 years and then decided to move to Moncton where I currently live as I wanted to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city life, and also to be closer to the ocean!

I’ve started with the Co-operators right after I’ve moved to Moncton back in July 2015. I’ve started on the sale’s side and then moved to the Property Claims Department where I found “home”. I’ve held different roles within this department and I’m currently one of the National Specialists for the Vendor Management Office.

I have three energetic dogs that I try my best to keep up with, and like to spend time outdoors as much as I can. I’m a huge fan of cars and also passionate about construction


Omar Senhaji

National Specialist at The Co-operators
Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2018)

“It was definitely a great learning experience that I’ve enjoyed. Lots of great tools that are beneficial to my work and organisation.”

– Omar Senhaji on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP)