Lila Arnaud (they/she)

cooperativistx and language justice worker
Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2020)

Lila Arnaud is a Loan Officer and Steering Committee member of Cooperation New Orleans Loan Fund. Lila is proud to serve her community in these roles and as a public health practitioner. She learned cooperative principles from her mother who worked to develop cooperatives in the Dominican Republic in the 1980’s. Oldest of twelve, Lila’s mami taught her how cooperative principles are traditional and critical to her people – how we share and care for one another, how we support each other and take ownership of our home grown economies. Be it susus, social aid and pleasure clubs, or buying ice pops from la doña down the street, descendants of black and indigenous peoples have engaged in cooperative economies that continue to be critical to the family’s/community’s survival and growth. Influenced by these values, Lila approaches her work as a doula, interpreter, educator and public health practitioner through the lens of a cooperativistx, and has trained in facilitating democratic decision making processes with Round Sky and as a cooperative developer with the Seed Commons Network. Lila has over 10 years of experience in facilitating, developing and implementing community education programs in Louisiana; and is a proud member of the BanchaLenguas Language Justice Collective and Cooperation New Orleans Steering Committee, as well as co-creator of the Bloom Writer’s Circle for Self Actualization and ReprojusticeNO.

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“This course was super informative and practical – it gave me some really important tools for working more clearly and compassionately in group/collective settings and facilitating collective decision making. These lessons continue to inform my work and facilitation.”

– Lila Arnaud on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP)