Kristen Del Simone brings her fascination with personal and collective transformation to her work as a leadership coach and OD (Organizational Design) consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she empowers others to create transformational change in themselves and in the systems with which they interact.


Kristen Del Simone

Leadership Coach & Organizational Design Consultant
Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2018)

Collab has been transformational! Not only am I more conscious now of the implicit power dynamics in my teams and organizations, but I have the tools to make them explicit and to help transform them. Collab has filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge and practice of collaborative leadership and has immediately resulted in tangible positive outcomes for me and my teams.

As a leadership coach, consultant and practitioner, I feel more confident and better equipped in my ability to support my clients and impact systems at scale. Thank you to Cecile and everyone at Round Sky for this amazing work!”

– Kristen Del Simone on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program

“For my implementation team, the number one value is that these are made explicit and seen. Our team already embodies many of the values that underpin Collab, but so much of the instrumental and practical value that Collab offers is either not attended to or is implicit or unconscious to us.

The documents themselves will shift mindsets, even without any content in them. Using them will allow us to truly unleash our leadership intention and impact.”

– Kristen Del Simone on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program