I’m Kirsten Sunesen, a National Claims Specialist working for a Canadian insurance company. I am a leader of leaders, working virtually with insurance professionals and managers across my organization. I lead our claims operation and navigate technical claim processes and problems.

I am passionate about innovation, and I really look forward to the future of our organization as we move forward with new technologies, resources and tools. On a personal note – I have two lovely cats at home who are my “office assistants”. They are the treat to my days! If we’re lucky, they’ll even make a video appearance on some of our calls.


Kirsten Sunesen

National Specialist at The Co-operators
Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2019)

“Collab theories, practises and principles have significantly advanced not only my own self-organization but also that of my team’s. Through the implementation of several Collaboration documents, I can visibly see my own team’s efficiency and organization coming together rapidly and with pinpoint accuracy.

We better understand the work we each need to do, and we know how to go about doing it; without checking in upon one another’s own table.”

– Kirsten Sunesen on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP)