Former theatre artist/dancer/singer and media producer evolved to a “next-stage” learning designer and OD (Organizational Design) specialist determined to help humanity make a graceful shift to the coming Planetary Era.


Jan Sage (she/her)

Organizational Design Specialist
Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2018)
Participant in Level II, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2019)

Work with us:
Jan co-organized a workshop on examining power with us. Learn more about that event here.

Collab makes the conversations we’re all already having distinct and identifies exactly-right processes to turn those conversations into actionable outcomes. Collab is the most powerful set of tools I’ve encountered for empowering well-intentioned people and teams to streamline the processes of doing great work, while retaining the humanity that makes the work worth doing.”

– Jan Sage on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program