Erica Buswell does food systems work because she knows that good things happen when people come together around food. As a result of her work on farmland access issues, she knows she’s fortunate to have a piece of land in Maine to call home where she and her husband have created a homestead they hope will feed them well into the future.


Erica Buswell (She/Hers)

Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2018)

Round Sky Writings:
10 Keys to Collaborative Leadership in Action

“This course helped me to renew my confidence in my own leadership abilities by providing me with practical tools that I can use to address some of the tensions I’ve been experiencing within my teams. I feel like I was able to see myself making incremental progress with my personal development topic during the course of this training, which has helped me to feel empowered to name and elevate tensions within my teams, and make collaborative plans to discuss them.

I also feel like this course helped to humanize my ideas about the roles and expectations of a leader within an organization: I’ve let go of the idea that a leader can’t show vulnerability, or might not know how to solve a problem. Letting go of this idea in favor of the idea that a leader can and must build their skills incrementally over time has been pretty liberating, in addition to being another source of confidence-boosting.”

–  Erica Buswell on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP)