Elly is a mother, feeler, and organizer. Early on in life she was often found rearranging her bedroom on a regular basis (or being commissioned by her friends to organize THEIR bedrooms). This love for order and arranging continues today in the work she does, not only in the world of paid employment at her local food coop (proud employee for 18 years) but also at home where she lives with her daughter and partner. In other walks of life she loves collaborating, creating, biking, paddling, coloring, cooking, deep and meaningful dialoguing, coffee drinking, and volunteering at her daughter’s school in Montpelier, Vermont.


Elly Wood (She/Her)

Human Resources at Hunger Mountain Food Coop
Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2018)
Participant in Level II, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2020)

“On a chilly Sunday afternoon with some tea and mellow music in the background, I have read through Cecile Green’s article, “The Organizational Power Matrix”. And then I immediately reflected how much more I now understand about power.

 What a fantastic resource in learning for me in thinking about this area – informing my somatic response to delving into this work with you all…no wonder my body knows through shivery excitement that THIS is what I needed to dig into.”

– Elly Wood on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program

“Collab has changed my mind, my approach, how I see myself as an effective leader, and my relationships, all for the better. Life changing. I see power differently now, and have a vision of using Collab in the work I do with others to do my small part in changing the world for the better.”

– Elly Wood on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program