I’m a trainer, coach and a facilitator. My goal is to combine a deep approach to the person and an effective way to facilitate change at the organizational culture. Currently I’m working with teams to change their attitude and vision of their department, projects, and company. I feel the lack of power to make that change explicit in the company process (meetings, management, process…). I deeply believe in our capacity to be a better version of ourself and hope to find the way to implement this at the corporate environment.


Cristina Vela

Trainer, Coach, and Facilitator at NextYou
Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2018)

“It was so good to find a real tool to support teams to be more open, fast and transparent. The training really engaged me and even though it is a virtual training I have learnt a lot, studied, prepared myself, and shared with my cohort.

Very inspiring experience, very useful in terms of real life applicability, and very well facilitated by Cecile Green.”

– Cristina Vela on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program