Atikah Lorot is passionate about three things: exploring new territories, living a full and diverse life, providing support to those who wish to do the same. Atikah currently works in Paris, helping start-ups and organisations – and the individuals within them – to reach their full potential through collaboration, reflection and broadening their perspectives.


Atikah Lorot

Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2018)

Round Sky Writings:
I am Wind
Exploration in an Organisation: What Happens Behind the Scenes of Transformation
What is Thy Name?
The Labyrinth of Patience and Empathy

Collab is at the emerging edge of collaborative leadership. I entered Collab [the course] hoping to gain skills to use in work and in life. I was more than satisfied with all that was offered.

I feel that one person can apply this system or pieces of it to make a big difference in any forum where people need to come together to make change happen, or to just get something done.”

– Brian Dooley on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program