Current State, strategic planning process

Kristin McRay is a community bicycle mechanic, educator and collective member of BICAS in the Tucson, Arizona desert for 12 years. Passionate about mobility justice and worker empowerment, she hopes to bring new tools for dynamic creative collaboration back to her community.


Kristin McRay (She/Her)

Community Bicycle Mechanic at BICAS

Participant in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2020)

“The Collab system is an exploration of power. As a member of a self-organizing team for 12 years I have seen so many different manifestations of power in a non-hierarchical setting and wanted to know how do we really organize ourself in an efficient way without replicating toxic social norms?

The tools we explored in this course aim to increase autonomy and accountability while building better business strategies that are actually driven by the workers. I highly recommend this course for any leadership team.”

– Kristin McRay on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP)