Ekaterina Andreeva is a translator from Moscow, Russia, taking interest in exploring how leadership, communication and accountabilities function in organisations and affect our daily lives and how collaborative power can help people balance their professional and personal relationships, values and goals in a coherent and effective way.


Ekaterina Andreeva

Certified in Level I, Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (2018)

Round Sky Writings:
Interviewing Ekaterina (Katya) in Collaborative Leadership Across Cultures

“It was really helpful to dig into practical aspects of introducing Collab to a team and to share our experience with one another. The assignments helped me gain a better understanding of how the Collab framework functions, with some tricky questions arising and answered in the process. Personal development discussions allowed me to improve my personal task tracking system and develop a somatic practice.

All in all, I’d say the course was about learning some truly insightful theory, putting it into practice, getting feedback, discussing possible improvements, sharing information and experience and opinions, and having fun.

Thank you, Round Sky!”

– Ekaterina Andreeva on the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program