Alumni of Cooperative Leadership Certification Program

Meet the leaders who have engaged in our Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP). They are insightful and intentional about sharing leadership. In the course, they applied democratic management tools to their teams and embodied holistic facilitation tools to continuously improve how they show up for themselves and their team. Click around to connect with them and to learn more about their work nurturing a new way of leadership in their teams and beyond.

Note: the leaders have been listed in alphabetical order by last name and this is not a complete list of program participants.

What is the Cooperative Leadership Certification Program?

The Cooperative Leadership Certification Program is an intensive, online, democratic leadership training with practical solutions in many areas that cooperative leadership requires, such as:

  • Healthy power dynamics
  • Facilitating more productive meetings
  • Nurturing a culture of accountability
  • Integrating clear roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitating inclusive decision-making practices
  • Making strides on your personal development (and more)