image of alyssa

Alyssa Moncure is an artist, sovereign seed-sower, and storyteller with ancestral roots in Virginia, the Deep South, and the Caribbean. They were introduced to Collab while taking the Level 1 course, using it to guide their work leading the implementation of a grocery co-op in Kansas City, KS. Seeing the utility of Collab in giving structure and foundation to collective governance, they questioned how they could go deeper to integrate the practice in other areas of their life. They are now excited to join Round Sky to assist other students in understanding and adapting Collab for their own purposes.

Alyssa has a background in community organizing and cultural preservation and collections work within the african diaspora. They have strategized to sustain mutual aid and political education programs in Washington, DC. Alyssa was graciously moved into deeper political consciousness within the black radical tradition by elders of the black liberation movement. They remain grateful to both them and their own ancestors for helping them recognize the importance of networks of cooperation and the land to our liberation. Alyssa graduated with a BA in African American and African Diaspora studies from American University, and has been enlightened through their connections with maroons, capoeiristas, artists, and principled activists on the African continent and across Latin America and the Caribbean.

Alyssa is also the creative director of The Fugitive Griot, an autonomous artistic storytelling platform. They find great joy in writing, dancing, laughing, playing capoeira, swimming, and making herbal medicines. Alyssa is ecstatic about expanding their capacities as a facilitator at Round Sky. In the present and future, Alyssa intends to utilize Collab to help conjure their dreams of communal land-based strategies for black queer and trans people.