Cooperative Leadership Certification Program

Level II

Cooperative Leaders! The Cooperative Leadership Certification Program (CLCP) trainings have been designed for you.

Level II is for you if you’re seeking the community space to deepen your practice of facilitating collaboration in your team. Level II is focused on supporting your understanding and capacity to meet your team with Collab’s process tools, tactics, and skills to support bringing more transparency, clarity, and experimentation in how you collaborate.

Essentially, Level II is your implementation space! Let’s work through what’s challenging about getting accountability, facilitating consent, clarifying roles and power, and other aspects that come up in cooperation.

In Level II, you will receive a plethora of essential tools to implement shared leadership and management practices for alignment around your team’s daily operations and decisions along with honing your group’s collective purpose and values.

Applications due Friday, September 1st!

We’ve spent years researching the problems and potentials associated with organizational communication and collaborative leadership. We used what we learned to develop a set of shared leadership practices that we call Collab.

In our trainings, you’ll learn to use Collab to bring flow, harmony, ease, and continual improvement to your organization.

Collab practices will also help you expand your collaborative leadership capacity through communication and business skills, personal development, and conflict management.
Our rigorous certification process is intended to get you fully trained and certified to use Collab as an independent consultant and trainer. Certification begins with Level I and proceeds through Level II, Level III, Personal Development I & II, Interpersonal, and Level IV.

On this page you’ll find information about Level II. If you have not taken Level I, start here!

But this isn’t just about the tools. To be a collaborative leader, you must have a deep understanding of how to meet people where they are and bring your team together. You must practice presence and active listening, develop your problem solving skills, and understand that when one member of the team has a problem, the team has a problem.

In Level II, you’ll get more training and support to identify each of the 7 Conversations: purpose, business model, strategy, governance, operations, interpersonal, and personal development. This course is largely student-driven. However, in Level II, you will mainly work on implementing collaborative flows around governance, operations, and purpose.

Watch the Introductory Session to learn more about the Level II objectives, transformations, and modules.

Your team is stronger with aligned, shared, and strategic leadership.

Applications are OPEN! Apply to the upcoming Level II Cohort!

The Level II training will support you in building the skills necessary to transform your own leadership and your team’s work. Level II is designed to prepare you to handle many common tricky situations and to teach your team to do the same, to build your leadership capabilities through practice, and to deepen your grasp of your own group’s dynamics.

What you’ll learn in Level II Collab Training:

  • Essentials of Facilitating the via Collab Practices to Reach the Potential of your and your Team’s Leadership through:
    • Diving deeper into facilitating tensions, integrative consent, roles, and regular operations and governance
  • Implementation/Instruction: Teaching the Standard Meeting Practice
    • Prepare your organization to conduct your work in the Standard Meeting Practice
    • Bring Collab to a diverse range of contexts 
  • Develop or/and update your group’s vision, mission, and values

Benefits you won’t want to miss:

  • Confidence to teach participatory processes to get clear, process-driven results
  • Harness the power of distributed and agile governance in building a strong resilient team of collaborators
  • Tools for more efficient meetings with clear decisions and next steps
  • Deepening your connection to the Collab Community of Practitioners
  • Over the course, you’ll build and grow alongside other collaborative leaders to explore theory, build community, organize projects, and align purpose with practice.
  • The community of cooperative leaders you’ll meet can offer you support and feedback for your work, and you’ll also get to hear their ideas and strategies for details like funding, structure, and legal concerns in addition to our own.
  • Using Collab as a certified professional to benefit the organizations you work with!

What you need to know:

  • The course will be conducted remotely via live learning sessions over 11 weeks
    • (time commitment is about 5 hours per week on average)
  • You’ll also participate in a small group to practice facilitation and learn from each other
  • You’ll practice and deepen your understanding of the Collab framework so you’ll be able to facilitate and teach your team(s) what you’ve learned
  • You’ll have access to online forums where you can discuss your team’s current challenges and receive feedback from Round Sky Coaches and other Level II Collab Training enrollees and peers.
  • You must complete Level I in order to continue on to Level II. (Some who have not certified in Level I may be eligible.)
  • Sign up to deepen your facilitation in community with the Level II training cohort!

Meet the Instructors:

Cecile Green

Cecile Green


Cecile Green is a visionary, entrepreneur, experiential philosopher, and farmer with a passion for assisting mission driven organizations achieve their visions. As an integral scholar practitioner and life long learner, she holds a B.S. in Community Supported Agricultural Systems and has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurial environments. She has participated in nearly a dozen organizational launches and built from the ground up four successful businesses.

Daniel Little

Daniel Little


Daniel is fiercely committed to supporting socially responsible leaders achieve success without losing the deeply held values that inspired them to make the world a better place through their work. If you are looking for a dedicated ally for your growth who can guide you with great strength and compassion to address challenges you may have faced for years, like being more effective with the limited time you have, managing change in a kaleidoscopic marketplace, or dealing skillfully with difficult relationships, then you’re in the right place.

There is so much wisdom in the Collab system, and the ability to bring all of the techniques and practices into my daily work and my team has made possible much of the change I’ve been able to accomplish in the past year.

The best part [of Level II] is the way that after all of their resistance, my team is now embracing the Standard Meeting Practice, ops tracking, and even Personal Development as valuable tools to self-manage through executive transition.

Carolyn Edsell-Vetter

Cooperative Business Support & Outreach Officer, Cooperative Fund of New England

I would say the most important practical piece has been watching these processes, conversations, and ways of thinking come alive in me. I could feel my perception and ability to adapt to different tensions expanding as we worked with this material together.

Level II Graduate

Upcoming Course Details:

NOW accepting applications for our next cohort.

The Level II Collab Training is an 11 week program, conducted remotely. You’ll participate in weekly 2 hour interactive online instruction and discussion sessions to engage in intensive personal learning topics related to Collab facilitation, strategy, and purpose. 

Note: In order to participate in this cohort, you must have participated in Level I. Certification is not required. In lieu of certification, you must have instructor approval for participation. Please apply even if you haven’t completed Level I and Round Sky will follow up with you. 


  • Applications Due: Friday, September 1, 2023
  • Course Begins: week of October 2nd


Level II Sessions Content includes: 

  • Review of Level I theory
  • Putting Collab into Practice explicitly and implicitly
  • Develop your vision, mission, and values
  • Identifying and processing tensions related to strategy and purpose
  • Deepening Facilitation, Implementation, & Instruction

How much does CLCP Level II Cost?

The full cost of the Level II Cooperative Leadership Certification Program is $1800. This includes all learning materials and the weekly trainings.

Redistribution Cost: For those who can afford an increased cost or who are getting significant support from their organization, we ask that you pay the redistribution cost: $2200

Actual Cost: If your organization can offer half or more support or if you can afford this amount, please select the actual cost of the training: $1800.

Scholarship Costs: If your organization cannot offer any support and you are unable to afford the actual costs, you can select the scholarship cost: $1400

Payment plans and referral rewards are available. Be sure to make a note in your application if a payment plan would be helpful (and on what schedule) along with anybody you have referred to Level I.

We *might* be able to offer more scholarships. If you need more support financially, please indicate this as you apply for the course and we’ll do our best to make it work.

If you are a Vermont resident, you may be eligible for a VSAC non-degree grant. See more here.